Hard Pass

Ah yes, ’twas that time of year when Perv City could live up to its reputation:

On Sunday night, during Carnival celebrations, five people – including a young girl – were shot around 9.30pm.

And no, that’s not Rebel Wilson.

Would I want to go there?

“Hot needles” and “scrotum” come to mind…


  1. I remember one time, only one time, when I decided to go check out Mardi Gras. I was stationed in Illinois in the early 70s and had some time to kill, so off I went. Being young and pretty much stupid at the time, I was drinking all the way.

    I don’t know if I ever made it to Louisiana. I’m pretty sure I never made it to New Orleans. I did eventually make it back where I belonged. Not sure if I missed anything or not, but I never went back.

  2. I mercifully missed Marci Gras in the Big Easy as a young man

    I did plenty of drinking in New Orleans, but never made it to the big event

    My wife and I went there 5 or 6 years ago for 5 days to catch an Eagles concert and to forage around for good food and shopping

    We found plenty of excellent cuisine, but the rest of the Quarter was a veritable swamp of drunks, junkies and other unemployed maladaptive types

    They were folks with whom I did not care to cavort

  3. I heard that the best time to go is at least two weeks after mardi gras because that is enough time for the drunks to be arraigned, people to leave and the streets to get hosed down. The food sounds enticing by the drunken whatever on Mardi Gras is not appealing at all.


  4. Would Mardi Gras qualify as the American version of Aintree?

    I wonder if they only show pics of 5% attractive people. Whilst the other 95% look like a cattle barn.

  5. I’ve been to New Orleans, well outside Mardi Gras season.
    The city itself was beautiful, nice architecture and parks, the riverfront was a pleasant stroll.
    Good food too, and the city aquarium was great.
    Mind this was in the 1980s, I’m sure things have changed.

    Overall a pleasant few days’ stay.

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