News Roundup

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...well I’m not going to share my stash, so find your own buddies.

...I’m reminded of the Texas high school which had to hold its prom in the next-door town because they weren’t allowed to dance in theirs.

...oh fuck off, Shorty — we first have to kill our more dangerous enemies (i.e. Democrat Socialists), so you wait your turn.

...let’s see how the trannies wriggle out of this one.

...especially if he were to start singing again.

...I’ll just leave commentary to The Englishman:  “Well, old chap, the French have always been revolting.”  Wait till you see the reason for this one…

...wait, the French have a navy?  After all Lord Nelson’s efforts?

From the Train Smash Files:

...if you think her saggy lil’ momboobs are worth a look, follow the link.

...and you thought your job was tough.

...if not him, then it’s Trump or “climate change”.

And the winner in the “Most Incomprehensible Headline” competition:

...what was the middle bit, again? the marketing world, this is what’s known as “product improvement”.



  ...honey, let me introduce you to this guy: 

And finally, speaking of women who need (and get) a regular pounding:


…and I know, the superstructure isn’t imposing, but its features are always on display:


And you too should now be pounding the pavement as you head off to work.


  1. Sorry England. Germany tried to visit you twice last century and you failed to learn the lesson. You’re on your own this time.

    When can we take the gloves off on these anti dancing folks? Some billy club shampoo could fix this problem very quickly.

    The French are on strike. That’s a standing headline. The French are revolting, that’s just a fact.

    Gary Glitter and all pedophiles need a ride through a wood chipper feet first on the pulse setting. Recidivism would become nonexistent with them.

    delightful woman at the end. Thank you.


  2. Re: You can’t have any of my stash.

    Damned straight. The last time US citizens sent guns to Britain, they ended up in the North Sea.

  3. In re: British ammo. I’ll bet the public assistance checks still go out, because priorities.

    1. Iran, do we need to send Kevin Bacon over there? Because we will totally send Kevin Bacon over there. And we know how much you love bacon….

      1. I was wondering who the Iranian Court used as an expert to say the couple was actually dancing.

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