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From Rick Manning at ALG:

“America has seen what the FBI does when they’re serious, with 6 a.m. raids on targets of investigations if they’re in the wrong political party and kid gloves for the Democrats who have apparently become the official party of the government.”

Fire them all, burn down their buildings (especially that totalitarian concrete block in D.C.), salt the earth they stood on — and then we can get serious.


  1. In my mind, the FBI has to go. Their one, overarching rule used to be that they would play no favorites. Broken laws would be investigated, without hesitation, wherever that would lead, and the evil lawbreakers would be arrested and brought to justice.

    Obviously, all the upper-level appointed bureaucrats have to go. All the “hangers-on” who moved up to follow their politically appointed bosses will have to go, too. And there can be no place for the underlings who went along with the political enforcement by the bureau and didn’t think to question why such was being done.

    What does that leave? Not much beyond the clerical staff and the janitors. It’s time to clean house and start over.

  2. When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary ………………………………
    If you’ve never read it, read it now.
    If you have read it, read it again ……………………………………..
    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, ask.

    1. It is a pity the list of “He has-” in the Declaration of Independence is written in slightly archaic language, or Americans today would understand what was going on today more clearly.

  3. It’s been like this since Waco and Ruby Ridge at least. I was listening to Dan Glover the other day. Dunno yet what to think about him, but his statement that the Feebs consider Ruby Ridge a successful operation is all you need to know.

    In reality its damn near every .gov agency fed/state/local. There is little if ever accountability for anything, and “punishment” consists of early retirement with a full pension.

    1. a few years ago the state government was plagued with folks who defrauded state aid of some sort. Their punishment was a shuffling around of positions with no criminal charges, economic punishments etc.

      Where’s that quote about it being a bad idea to put decision making responsibility in the hands of people who bear no consequences for making bad decisions. Someone else said it far more eloquently than I did.


  4. Here’s yet another reason to get rid of the FBI: The plans for the new building include at least a 56 acre site, and a building twice the size of the pentagon! See the story here:
    God only knows what they’d get up to in a building bigger than the DoD’s.
    I’m with sarah Hoyt – tear the old building down and salt the earth it stood on. (And throw in some of those concrete “thorns” they wanted to put around the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste depository, to warn people off.)

      1. Cedar.
        Last week my wife gave me a bathouse for my birthday and upon opening it the cedar smell was so strong I set it out in the cold garage to air out. That was 4 days ago and as of last night the smell was still very powerful. As soon as it warms up a little (next week maybe) I’ll mount it on a tree and let nature deal with it. I’m not hopeful bats will move in right away.

        1. Apologies GS, at my first attempt to read your comment, I though you said BATH house. finished reading BEFORE going back and trying those first few words AGAIN !
          Finally got it right.
          For a few seconds, could not imagine WHY your wife would give you a bathhouse and WHY, never mind HOW, you were going to put it up in a tree !!
          Eventually, if you are REAL lucky, age catches up with one.

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