Changing Times, Changing Values

Maybe I’m just getting more indifferent in my old age, but nowadays this kind of thing is more likely to get a shrug from me, rather than outrage and condemnation:

Cheeky couple fund bucket list trip around Africa by flogging amateur porn

“We feel wild and confident about our sex life, I don’t see porn as negative in any way, plus it’s helped us financially too.

“He is the only person I have sex with on or off camera…

“We both enjoy it a lot. We have sex a couple of times a week, it’s a great stress relief and sleep medicine. We both are sexually experimental and we like to have a laugh during it.”

Well, as long as you enjoy it… it’s just another way Teh Intarwebz has made it easier to earn money, really.

It’s easy for people of my generation to shout and condemn all this, of course.  But I have a sneaking feeling that at age (say) 24, had a Pretty Young Thing suggested that we fund a trip through Europe (forget that Africa shit) by having us have an occasional bonk on camera, I might have had a different take on the whole business [sic].

And that was back in the 1970s.  In today’s more permissive climate, who knows?

Lastly, Teh Meejah have played a considerable role is lowering standards.  The above couple are described as “cheeky” in the headline;  I wonder how the headline would have read in 1978?


  1. Well, I am petty sure it would not have been Cheeky.

    Course the green door was being played in movie theaters’ at the time with that blond that looks a lot like this girl, Marilyn Chambers?

    1. Marilyn Chambers was the mother holding the baby on the Ivory Soap box. But she wanted to act, not just model, and became the lead in the “mainstream porn” flick _Behind the Green Door_, basically because it was the first significant role she was offered.

  2. I used to give a shit, not anymore. If there’s a buyer for this kind of thing, there will always be a seller.

    What got me into “Go fuck yourself” territory was when the smarmy little shit starts moralizing to the rest of us, “Shame and Stigma is the root of the hate…”. No its the fact that your family probably had some class/standards and are having a hard time abiding this.

    I have started to see this all the time in my immediate and extended family, person X insists they are a chicken, when the rest of us elect not to go along with the madness and scatter corn out into the dirt for them to scratch at, now we are the evil one. By all means go roost out in the straw, but I am not required (yet) to play along.

  3. Hell, I’d do it today.

    Except that I’m overweight, hairy, and the only people who’d give me money to play with myself would be other men…and that turns me off in a big way.

    1. You may be surprised.
      And now I’m going off to vomit, not at the thought of you, but at the thought that there may be such people around…

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