And Speaking Of Forbidden Pleasures

…we have this new development:

Forget traditional porn, Gen Z are doing things differently nowadays, including listening to porn, rather than watching it. The trend of audio porn started during lockdown and has now been embraced by young women, providing a full body experience that allows their imaginations to ‘run wild’ while tuning into physical pleasure.

Of course it’s mostly women.  Men are simple, visual creatures requiring only something like this to get going:

Women, on the other hand, are somewhat more complex:

So this new audio thing is probably one of the control knobs in the middle.

No, I don’t understand them either.


  1. Hehehehe.

    Back in the day when I was doing a lot of road-warrioring for the .com I work for, I ended up with a rental car that had sirius/xm on it. Because I guess I’m a perv they had the “Hustler” channel so I tuned in.

    Imagine the dialogue and intelligence of porno acting, without the interesting visuals. I lasted about 5 minutes before I switched to the old radio station with shows like “The Shadow”

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