RFI: Actually, A Couple Of Them

RFI #1:  Someone said they had a spare M1 Carbine extractor floating around.  Please email me so we can arrange delivery, payment etc.   I managed to get hold of a G.I. Armorer’s Manual for the gun, so I can probably install it myself.

RFI #2:  I need to get a shotgun for much later in the year, but I’ll have to part with one of my old WWII-era bolties to pay for it.  The shotgun will probably be the CZ Bobwhite SxS G2 (20ga) which runs about $700, what with with all the paperwork and shipping involved:

As for the bolties… hell, this will be like parting with a child.  If anyone’s at all interested in one, let me know by email and I’ll reply with pics of the guns you can choose from (because I can’t make up my mind).  Obviously, Texas Readers will get first kick because of the hassle-free transaction / no shipping cost / plus free ammo.  Obviously too, I will entertain offers from anywhere in the lower 48, but without the ammo, which would require separate shipping ergo cost.

Think on it, I beg you.


  1. You mentioned previously your lack of 9mm ball (target practice) ammo. I have an excess-to-projected needs unopened case of that very thing (well, 1k rd of Winchester 115 gr jacketed lead bullet in brass case) we could barter over together. I have no idea what I paid for it, or even when (I have a vague memory of catching a deal at Lock & Load Indoor Range in Tyler before it closed, but that would have been much of a decade ago), but similar ammo is advertised at ~$450.00 so we can find a mutually acceptable value from there.

    As to your boltie collection, I would be interested in a rifle in .308, but I have zero experience with Mausers generally (which seem to be the sum of what’s likely to be available without serious nosebleed). Interested? We could do a weekend day trip to some unlikely place between Tyler and Dallas to do the deed if so, perhaps at the end of Feb/early March time frame so I can scrape together the balance in cash. Maybe a nearby parking lot to the First Tuesday Swap Meet in Canton if New Wife has any interest in obscure Americana, although there is bound to be a Waffle House or Denny’s somewhere in that general area of the state.

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