News Roundup

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Let’s get a-licking:

...why am I not surprised?  Had we shot them all on sight as soon as they crossed the river, we wouldn’t have had this problem. far as I know, the little Swedish tart doesn’t head up a violent terrorist organization, but there’s always time. Which makes the next headline unsurprising:

tiresome little media whores, all three of them.

...trying to control the spread of a disease you created has nothing to do with race, you foul Commie assholes.

...and I also seduced more than a few teenyboppers, until about age 20.  It was the Seventies, FFS, and to quote Jimmy Page:  “Everyone knew why they were there.

“We’re sorry to tell you that you have inoperable cancer.  Whoops, our bad;  we meant ‘Merry Christmas’.”

...lemme guess the nationality / race / religion of the students… nah, too easy.

...Sarah, that is an excellent question.  Next excellent question:  where did I put my rope and homemade scaffold?

...finally, a little national common sense Best thing they’ve done since inventing the K11/31 rifle and the SIG P-210.

...of course he is, so hold onto your drinks, ladies.

And speaking of bad smells: opposed to peonies, mountain air and warm apple pie?

...unless you have a strong stomach, do not follow that link.

And from INSIGNIFICA:’s said swimsuit:

…her NYE party frock:

...along with her Little Black Dress:

It’s a new year.  Get back to your regular job:


  1. I skipped partway through to post.

    And I bet Cher and her bus smell like cobweb infested stale pussy.

    Can Meghan markle, Oprah and harry go off to obscurity now. please? a one way ticket for you, and you and you get a one way ticket too!

    Greta the shrill scold being the voice of the global warming nonsense might have some indirect ties to ELF, ALF and a host of environmental terrorist groups.

    I rank the ChiComs in the same category of as pedophiles, rapists, drug dealers and of course mosquitos and other vermin.


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