I need to start watching more Winter Olympic sports.  Here’s what prompted this statement:

The ‘world’s hottest speed skater’ Jutta Leerdam has revealed she used her ‘extra fat’ and strength to become a world champion in December. Leerdam was in action at the ISU Speed Skating World Cup in Calgary two weeks ago and impressed.

Leerdam said: “I have become stronger and heavier. I now use that extra fat as strength.”

So let’s take a look at this fat chick:


Gotta tell y’all, there’s not a whole lot to complain about here.  Yes, she has nutcracker thighs and a muscular ass, but she’s a speed skater, FFS:  that comes with the territory.

I personally think she’s still shy of a few pasta dinners, but that’s just my preference showing through.  YMMV.


  1. Holy Crap, I live in Calgary, why wasn’t I told? I also sometimes go to that speed skating oval to skate around in circles and “use my fat” but maybe it’s a different kind of fat, the old and ugly kind.

    I love pic 6 with the male faces all staring up at the lovely lady. I’m old enough that when a beautiful woman comes into view I check her out but then I amuse myself by watching the way the men, and their wives and girlfriends, react. The men stare, the ladies look quickly then glare at their men or find a way to remove them from the scene pronto. Fun to watch.

    1. took me a while to find a picture with men in the background. I might be old but my eyesight hasn’t gone just yet.

      I agree Kim, a couple more pasta dinners. My line is usually a couple bacon double cheeseburgers. Maybe after she’s done competing.


  2. If that’s enough extra fat to win at speedskating, then I should be a shoo-in for world champion.

      1. Yep.

        Muscle weighs more than fat.

        Obviously, she doesn’t know that but, also obviously, she doesn’t need to.

        She would kill anyone that got her in the sack who was not in her physical class, but it sure won’t kill me to entertain the thought. 😀

  3. All that extra weight is situated between her knees and hips.
    And that’s just where it’s supposed to be.

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