Modern Classic Beauty

Here’s a modern-day totty who could have fit into the Classic Beauty section, were she not young.  Allow me to introduce you to Yvonne Catterfeld:

“Now Kim,” you ask, “she’s very pretty;  but how can you say she’d qualify as Classic Beauty?”

‘Nuff said.

As to how I stumbled upon her, there’s a clue hidden in tomorrow’s Classic Beauty post… and an explanation as to why she would qualify.



I am accepting nominations in Comments for this unlucky billionaire exemplar, but whoever you decide should be eaten, he’ll have to work hard to beat George Soros.

Call it a variation of the “One Shot” game we’ve played here before.

*seen on the Internet OR someone/somewhere on the Internet.

News Roundup

All through the support of Black Friday, Inc.

Speaking of Black Friday:

...also Somalis, Sudanese, Kenyans , Zulus, Malawis, Angolans, Tanzanians… the list goes on and on — do we have too many of them, too?  [yes – K.]

...not that any man should care about this nonsense — it’s her business, after all.

...only a moron (that would be this judge) would not be able to see the consequences of this idiocy. I the only one wishing that this headline was literally true?’s fucking empty (thanks to Biden), so what’s left to modernize?

And in the Ungrateful Bastards Department: publicly supporting BLM didn’t prevent any looting and mass shoplifting?  No?  Who’d a thunk?

...hey, at least he didn’t have to pay for the paper. [/ChiComs]

And from the anals annals of the Greatest Healthcare Service On Earth:


...ummm, maybe HER sex life isn’t what it was in the past;  but I doubt Robbie’s has missed a beat.

...for causing woodies in the lumber department?  I think we should be told.

...I applaud this example of youthful entrepreneurial initiative and financial success.  No wonder the schools want to kill it.

And out of the mists of INSIGNIFICA:


And in our Paige Three section:

I’ll save y’all the trouble of hitting the link, and just show you the top 3:

…inexplicable, isn’t it, that they would be so popular?

So much for the news.