Both Desirable

I see that Queen’s Gambit  hottie Anya Taylor-Joy is modeling Jaeger-LeCoultre watches now:

…but I have to say, her beauty is a strange one, because:

Anyway, here are a few more reference pics so you can make up your own mind:

And the more errr descriptive ones:

But that’s not really what I want to talk about here today.  Rather, I want to talk about Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, of which I’ve never owned a single one but I’d love to because they are just flat-out classy:

Of course, they do produce watches for more errr  modern tastes:

…and frankly, I think they’re both pig-ugly — aimed no doubt at the Russian Billionaire’s Son Set or else Arab sheiks, neither of which are known for their refined taste.

Hell, I’d take one of Jaeger’s second-hand and (very much-) older watches over either of those “modern” ones:

…just as I’d take Gina over Anya:

But you all knew that.


  1. I recently won an Omega Seamaster in a competition, I hate it. I’d far rather carry on wearing the, (much cheaper), Laco Aachen that I bought with my own money. Tell me which you would prefer? (I’m going to sell the Omega and, maybe, buy a Longines).

  2. They’re all fine time pieces, I’m sure, but then nobody’s going to crack me over the head with a brick to take my $12.00, made in China, Walmart special watch. Just sayin’.

  3. G-Shock, 50 Bucks on sale at if I remember correctly Cabelas, could lose it or break it and I would not loose one minute of sleep.

  4. I used to wear a Timex Ironman until all the buttons got solvent-welded to the case. Then I quit wearing a watch altogether. If I want to know the time, my cell phone can tell me that.
    As for Miss Anya, I wouldn’t mind being married to her for a week. Just not THAT week.

  5. why does Anya Taylor-Joy dress poorly by hiding her figure? Few of those pictures accentuates her beauty.

    Nice looking watches. A nice dress watch is nice to have and wear.

    My current everyday watch is a Seiko 5 sports Field watch like this.

    I have had several Seiko watches and I find that they are a good bang for the buck.

    Most of the higher end luxury watches I find are too big, bulky and ostentatious.


      1. Thank you. It can be found for about 2/3 what Seiko charges. I don’t think their 5 Sports line is their high end line but the automatic movement in is highly regarded. If you don’t move it on a regular basis, it will lose time but it can be handwound and it is hackable. They hvae a similar watch that is not hackable.


  6. I think she looks better on film than in still photos. I found her very desirable in both Peaky Blinders and The Northman.

  7. Anya’s photographer makes her look like an anorexic skank who should lay off the persimmons.

    1. We used to call that expression the “Weaned on a pickle”, after whoever said that about Calvin Coolidge.

    2. In the first picture, she looks like a starved raccoon. Or an anorexia victim with a high-school girl’s idea of how to use eye shadow.

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