Not So Sure

Then there’s this little development:

Former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard ripped into national Democratic Party leaders, calling them “elitists” who no longer care about individual freedom.

Gabbard, a former Democratic candidate for president, later added that her former party bares no resemblance to the party as it was when John F. Kennedy was president.

I know she quit the Socialist Party and all that, and she’s rather cute-looking:

… but I still don’t trust her, because guns.

And by the way, it’s “BEARS no resemblance” — holds, not strips off


      1. My line for anyone seeking public office is “if you don’t trust honest citizens with firearms then we shouldn’t trust you in public office.” I don’t even want you to hold the position of dog catcher or hired to become a government bureaucrat.” I often follow it up with the dog park is over there, get scooping since that’s the only job they are suitable for performing and even that will require regular and constant supervision.


  1. Tulsi is a bit of a cutie. And unlike most Dems, was not a slobbering lunatic.

    And I really want to like her.

    But yeah the gun thing. Buh-bye.

  2. Taking a step back, when I look at any candidate for public office, I look to the Declaration of Independence for some guidance. I read the part about why government is even formed in the first place. The phrase that stands out is the one very similar to where John Locke wrote that government’s primary responsibility is to protect “life, liberty and property.” To me liberty means protecting our civil rights and among those is the right to keep and bear arms for a variety of purposes. If a candidate, politician, judge, attorney general or government bureaucrat won’t do that then they have no place in government at all.


  3. Tulsi is far more rational than the average racist Democrat cult member but that’s not saying much at all. Manchin and whatshername show flashes of intelligence as well but they are far too few, too far between, far too short lived and still far too dim.

    Cheney had a good record as a conservative but collaborating with the Evil Party is utterly wrong especially with their political theater operations.

    I doubt Tulsi will join the Republican party. I think she’s from Hawaii so it’s unlikely she’ll obtain public office in that state again.

    Easy on the eyes, almost tolerable on the ears


  4. She’s still anti-gun, and as near as I can tell she’s still a big fan of redistributionism and of government “regulation” of the economy.

    So yeah, if she stats making videos with Mike Itkis I might take a gander out of purient interest, and I’m glad that she’s calling out the Dems for being crazier than she is, but she’s not something the Republican Party should have any truck with.

    Maxim 29: The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.

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