From One To Another

Unlike the Euros and Brits, we’ve actually had a couple of rainstorms here in Plano — to be precise, one yesterday and one the day before:  nice, long soaking rains.

Did all that cold water falling out the sky actually change anything?

You silly rabbits.  This is summer in Texas, where all the rain does is make the temperature go from 120F (oven) to 118F (sauna).  I hate both;  but I also didn’t win any of the recent lottery drawings, a pox upon them, so that little clifftop shack in Bar Harbor, Maine is still off the table.


So by now we’ve all heard about the raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago house, and of course they did the full stormtrooper thing, despite appearances (or maybe because of them, see below).

And then they let loose the 7th IRS Panzer Division on him too.

After all, one might ask:  if the Swamp Stormtroopers can do all this to a former president, is anyone (other than Hillary Clinton) safe?

Joel Pollak says that this was why his family left the thuggish apartheid South Africa.  Wasn’t my first reason, but was certainly 1a, seeing as I myself had been a minor target of those assholes for years.

Here’s my theory.  The Stasi apparatchiks  know they won’t find anything incriminating in whatever papers Trump’s been keeping at Mar-A-Lago.  What they are trying to ascertain, methinks, is whether their actions will provoke a sharp (read: over-the-top, like Jan 6th) response from Trump supporters.  This is the American Socialists’ Reichstag Fire:  a manufactured provocation.

My advice:  ride this one out, don’t get upset, keep our eyes focused on the November elections.  If there’s a massive outcry — demonstrations or worse — from conservatives after the Mar-A-Lago Incident, it would be a handy excuse to declare a state of emergency and either block or somehow nullify the elections, leaving these assholes with control of the House and a tied Senate.

Don’t let them con us.  Keep outwardly cool, but keep the anger simmering, and let’s buy more ammo and guns.

By the way, RedState’s Bonchie agrees with me.

Not The Bee?

I have to admit, when I saw the “Dark Brandon” poster, I thought it was an inspired tongue-in-cheek satire from the Babylon Bee:

The real Biden can’t even rise to an occasion.

That said, if it means that the gloves are going to come off and his minions (FBI, DOJ, ATF etc.) are going to go Full Totalitarian on us…

If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a little range session.

News Roundup

Brought to you by:

And the news will be only a little worse than a root canal (if that’s the name for that particular position;  I’m kinda out of touch).

big deal; pretty much everyone at the FBI could be busted for that.

From the Dept. Of The Blindingly Obvious:

oh please:  Ukraine is more desirable than New York or California.

one more time, with feeling:

chances of a school shooting in that county: <0

if you ignore the “fascist” (which is just shorthand for “someone we don’t like”), we’re left with “White Nationalist”. The GOP isn’t even that.

not to beat this dead hooker any more, but this wouldn’t have happened with nukes. You idiots.

and then there are those like Your Grumpy Editor, who was never sweet on them to begin with.

an inspired example of “community policing” — what happens when cops don’t do their duty.  Local U.S. police forces, nota bene.

when asked for a comment, Zeus said simply, “My bad, I missed.”

and I’d like to wring this little Colorado cocksucker’s neck, but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this.

the article is about HHS, but I’ve edited the headline to make it more all-purpose.  Feel free to point out where I’m wrong.

And in link-free INSIGNIFICA:

      actually sorta btdt, no names, no pain.

wait:  Shania Twain is 56???

Now that’s news, if there ever was.

Star, Gone

I had been pondering a post about songstress Olivia Newton-John for a couple days, when in one of those “synchronicity” moments I read about her death from cancer at age 73.

I never cared much for her music — that breathy Oz soprano does nothing for me — and I’ll always remember Alun Jones’s stinging first line of a review of the syrupy “I Honestly Love You” in Melody Maker: “…and I honestly think Olivia Newton-John is a cabbage.”

And I would agree, except for the lovely Magic  and the astonishing Xanadu  which, despite the nauseating 80’s disco feel, actually shows that the girl had a decent voice — the concluding ascendo  to the final top note is absolutely breathtaking.

The reason for me thinking about her, incidentally, is that Magic  was my weekend earworm.

R.I.P., Sheila.