Star, Gone

I had been pondering a post about songstress Olivia Newton-John for a couple days, when in one of those “synchronicity” moments I read about her death from cancer at age 73.

I never cared much for her music — that breathy Oz soprano does nothing for me — and I’ll always remember Alun Jones’s stinging first line of a review of the syrupy “I Honestly Love You” in Melody Maker: “…and I honestly think Olivia Newton-John is a cabbage.”

And I would agree, except for the lovely Magic  and the astonishing Xanadu  which, despite the nauseating 80’s disco feel, actually shows that the girl had a decent voice — the concluding ascendo  to the final top note is absolutely breathtaking.

The reason for me thinking about her, incidentally, is that Magic  was my weekend earworm.

R.I.P., Sheila.

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  1. Had long forgotten how syrupy the early 80’s disco was and that I actually lived through it while “chasing la femme” on at least 3 continents. RIP indeed, it was entertaining and easy on the eyes if not the ears.

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