Support Update

Some housekeeping tips:

  • In response to several suggestions / complaints:  I’m sorry I was not able to include hotlink buttons in the original post, as my sidebar seems to have (black-) magically disappeared.  Please bear with me while I work on the problem.
  • Some have asked me what my actual goal (dollar value) is, and the simple answer to that is:  I don’t know.  Because this is the first time I’ve ever tried to do this, I have no idea what the final amount will look like.  The “goal”, therefore, may or may not be reachable.  Chris Muir’s goal is staggering (by comparison to my needs) — because that’s how he earns his entire living.  I typically give him $100 a year, because I visit his website every single day (couldn’t do it this year, for the first time in ages).  Also, my Readership is composed of a bunch of cranky old conservatives who get upset when .22 LR costs more than 5 cents a pop, so my expectations are not high — Andrew Sullivan once raised $180,000 on his appeal, but then again I don’t count too many homosexual Upper East Side residents among my gang of malcontent grouches, so there ya go.
  • As the contributions continue to flow in (oh please oh please oh please), I’ll be able to get a better idea of what I can expect.  Whatever, I will shut off the appeal on September 1st.
  • Finally, for the few guys who told me to stop embarrassing myself by begging, let me assure you all that you have no idea how embarrassed I am.  But reality bites, and that pain hurts more than the embarrassment.


  1. Hey,
    Long time fan here, came over with you from the old site. I have a Patreon account with you, but I just threw a little into Pay Pal. You’re right. It’s been a hard year. There’s no end in sight.

  2. If the fibbies think they can raid Mar Lago with impunity what chance do the rest of us have.

  3. I just mailed you a check, brother.

    More can follow if necessary.

    We’re all indebted to you.

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