So by now we’ve all heard about the raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago house, and of course they did the full stormtrooper thing, despite appearances (or maybe because of them, see below).

And then they let loose the 7th IRS Panzer Division on him too.

After all, one might ask:  if the Swamp Stormtroopers can do all this to a former president, is anyone (other than Hillary Clinton) safe?

Joel Pollak says that this was why his family left the thuggish apartheid South Africa.  Wasn’t my first reason, but was certainly 1a, seeing as I myself had been a minor target of those assholes for years.

Here’s my theory.  The Stasi apparatchiks  know they won’t find anything incriminating in whatever papers Trump’s been keeping at Mar-A-Lago.  What they are trying to ascertain, methinks, is whether their actions will provoke a sharp (read: over-the-top, like Jan 6th) response from Trump supporters.  This is the American Socialists’ Reichstag Fire:  a manufactured provocation.

My advice:  ride this one out, don’t get upset, keep our eyes focused on the November elections.  If there’s a massive outcry — demonstrations or worse — from conservatives after the Mar-A-Lago Incident, it would be a handy excuse to declare a state of emergency and either block or somehow nullify the elections, leaving these assholes with control of the House and a tied Senate.

Don’t let them con us.  Keep outwardly cool, but keep the anger simmering, and let’s buy more ammo and guns.

By the way, RedState’s Bonchie agrees with me.


  1. Further evidence, as if any more were needed, of the total corruption of the dimocrat run swamp creatures. They have politicized the 3 letter govt. agencies and are using them against anyone that stands against their agenda.
    With the mid term elections shortly, their agenda is clear. They want to provoke a strong reaction against them to use. like the Jan. 6th event against any conservative.
    More screaming and howling with much finger pointing and blaming, all to prepare for another election they are working feverishly to subvert.
    Their desperation is becoming more obvious every day, as it the intensity of their efforts.

    1. I think you may have it backwards. I’m starting to think the swamp runs the Democrats, not the other way around.

      The bureaucrats are utterly out of control.

    1. I’m sure I found biased reports but the stuff I found shows that several founders of REdstate blog site have trouble with writing their own work as well as suffering from TDS.


  2. Gonna disagree here.

    GET UPSET. Don’t get stupid(er). Don’t do something that the press can use against you or against the rest of us.

    But if you’re not already, this *should* piss you off.

    And you should start doing something about it. Research your candidates and give some money to those who aren’t complete assholes.

    Volunteer to be an election judge, a poll worker or whatever is needed such that we get more eyes on the process. Take your cellphone and be ready to video anything you see wrong.

    Start exercising, get your wind back, maybe some sort of body weight exercises and such–you’re never too old this side of the grave. Because when November comes and they *try* to invalidate the elections it’s gonna start.

  3. One of my father’s friends, half a century ago, was an FBI agent. I met him a few times and went to high school with his son. He always struck me as straight-arrow, upright guy … the stereotype of the FBI in the 60’s. He was a WWII veteran, like my dad, and I came to find out much later that he was one of the pilots involved in sinking the Yamato, although that’s not something you would ever have heard from him. Like my dad, he said absolutely nothing about those experiences. I wonder if they even talked about it with each other? I do remember one time we went shooting together, me, dad, and FBI guy. What I recall most is that he had a sweet Python. The first one I had ever handled. I hope his son has it to treasure today. Anyway, both those guys are long gone … along with the patriotism and morality they shared. That FBI guy would have been ashamed of what the agency he served has become.

    1. More to the point, he’d be out on his ass. There’s no room for men like him in today’s FBI.

      1. Worse, that generation and the one after it were replaced with people selected for completely different traits. He wouldn’t be out on his ass, he would never have been “in” to begin with.
        Instead of in warm personal memories, the only place for federal agents today is in an area study.

  4. The FBI never was the white angel winged defenders of Freedom. Under J Edgar from the 1920s on, they collected info on all the DC creatures. Common knowledge he blackmailed them. He was a cross dressing fag who knew how to abuse power. They carried on an assassination program against the militant black movement of the 60s and 70s. Crawling into the hi tech era they took advantage of new exciting ways to spy on citizens. Anyone remember Ruby Ridge or Waco final solution ? Lon Horiuchi Strike a bell ? HRT gone rogue ?

    They should have been broken up when J Edgar died. But now the “staff” (what I call the Congress) don’t have the balls.

      1. I don’t want anyone to “fire on Fort Sumter”.

        But a 25MT over DC would change things; the “Swamp” would be gone. Maybe another one over NYFC, just to get rid of more of TPTB.

        Hey, it’s a thought…😒

  5. I don’t want anyone to “fire on Fort Sumter”.

    But a 25MT over DC would change things; the “Swamp” would be gone. Maybe another one over NYFC, just to get rid of more of TPTB.

    Hey, it’s a thought…😒

    1. DC, NYC, SF, LA…I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list…

      Don’t have any way to *implement* it of course. But a man can dream.

  6. Yes, the best response is to continue with that 1MM/month purchase spree, and stockpiling of ammo; let them lose sleep thinking about all the arms in the hands of Patriots.

  7. Dunno but I think the FBI is giving the stasi a bad name.

    STasi made no bones about being a secret police. At one time the FBI upheld laws. Now, they protect their retirement.

    If they continue doing what they have been they will kill that for us all.

  8. One big difference between the original Reichstag Fire and the events our totalitarian party is trying to fan into a Reichstag Fire is that they did not feel it necessary to install Darius Marinus as President.

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