Speed Bump

…and so say all of us.  What you should do, Gentle Readers, is not tarry here pondering such weighty grammatical sins;  rather, you should speed over to Mr. Ishmael’s to see the rest of his excellent rant about, well, everybody.  (He had me at “That Albino Cunt Johnson”, a.k.a, the soon-to-be-ex-BritPM, but it’s not the only gem.)

Invective at its very finest.


  1. “Think different is shit”

    Amen. Natheless it must be borne in mind that the anguish linglage is not a language, but a dialect or more properly a pidgin, built up by centuries of traders and tramplers. This has some benefit; after a few decades an old author can write the same book over again, in a new language.
    But sprain to me why the hell I should call Bombay “Mumbai?” Am I now required to call the capital of Bavaria. “Muenchen?”

  2. Too many people these days are post turtles and to even suggest their removal is met with scorn and vicious attacks.


  3. Back in the 80’s there was a tv show spin-off of the movie Starman. For some reason the only scene I can remember from it included an FBI agent telling one of “our heroes” something like “Oka, walk that way. Slow!” and the rejoinder from the smartmouthed kid was “That’s ‘slowly!’ It’s an adverb!”

    Still and all, that’s stuck with me, so I’ve been sensitive to misused adjectives where adverbs are required ever since then.

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