In response to my RFI about Slovenia, I got this from Reader Tim N:

Adding some holiday to work trips to Europe, one year we rented a car, drove from Germany through Austria (where our family lived in the early 50s), then to Slovenia and on to Venice before heading back to Germany.

Took a small boat to the island in middle of Lake Bled. A couple heard my wife and sister talking, asked “Are you Americans?” When they gave a positive answer, the same person asked “Why are you here?” The inference being, how did you find this wonderful place?
Wine is great, people, food, architecture. Just a wonderful visit. Will return.

Here’s a pic of said island (right-click to embiggen):

And there you have it.  Duly added to Ye Olde Buckette Lyst.

And yes, I envy Tim’s trip, bigly.

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  1. And don’t forget that Melania Trump is from there. She left, but I would say the female genetics seem up on the higher side.

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