1. I follow a young Slovenian woman named Barbara Horvath on the social medias (I throw her a few bucks a month too). Her photography is quite good, but apparently the job market there isn’t all that at the moment. She makes more money as an actress/waitress in SoCal apparently, as she recently moved back there. Her podcasts and blog posts are generally entertaining, and often feature her pictures. Do recommend.


  2. I’ve been to Slovenia. But beware that was in the 1980s, so my experience is probably rather outdated 🙂

    The hotel in the mountains near Lubjijana was pleasant enough, the location in the mountains was beautiful and promised very nice hiking and trips to nearby towns and cities.

    But the weather was awful, to the point we cut our planned 3 week stay in the country short and booked a hotel in Vienna instead for the remaining 2 weeks.

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