Errrr Not Yet

From my Inbox:

Cheap Flights: Dallas to London, United Kingdom $647-$683 r/t [Sep-Oct] – American Airlines / British Airways / Iberia / Finnair

Ordinarily, this little deal would cause my ears to prick up like a Kardashian’s at the sound of rap music, because:


…or more likely:




Heathrow Airport chaos: Passengers fume at ‘utter carnage’ with queues ‘outside terminal’


British Airways ask for passengers to scrap summer holiday plans


Heathrow imposes daily passenger cap and tells airlines to stop selling tickets

…and then there’s this:

And those silly people who think that all this will be resolved by September should heed the words of one of my Brit friends on the topic:  “September?  In which year?”

Not to mention that at any time, the Brits could panic over some trivial health issue and lock the whole fucking country down again (and with my luck, I wouldn’t be in a pub when they did).

Sad, really.  So… no.


  1. I had plans to motorcycle up to the Michigan UP this summer and come back through Canada/Niagra Falls. But after seeing Trudeau go full Stalin, I said to myself, “errrr, not yet”.

  2. recently drove out to Michigan then down to Pennsylvania and back home. Delightful trip in the car with the missus. Great music on the phone playing through the stereo, a cooler and bag full of cold drinks and snacks and pretty much an open time table for stops at whatever caught our eyes.

    No molesting by the TSA, no high priced airline tickets, no being herded like cattle, no boors in the seat next to us. I sure do not miss flying.


  3. You’ll be fine by mid-September or October, but during high summer I’d advise against it. Also to ensure you’re not going to get hammered by the baggage idiots, just pack light and carry everything onboard. I can live for a month on the road with one 22″ rollaboard and a briefcase and still have room for souvenirs on the way home. But be forewarned that Heathrow have increased the various fees on every class of ticket and have instituted a confiscatory carbon tax on flights originating from Blighty. Might be a better deal to arrive at Gatwick, and return home from Paris or Frankfurt instead.

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