Random Thought

If anyone has a spare Warsaw Pact SKS (NOT Type 56 Chinese) with folding bayonet and in good condition, and wants to trade it for a lightly-used (bought new) AK-47 with a couple-three 20-round mags, shoot me an email.

North Texas/southern OK-area residents will get a favorable hearing.  Failing that, anywhere is fine, but we’ll have to do the FFL thing.

Reasons to be supplied at a later date.


    1. I have a lovely Yugo SKS, in beautiful condition. My wife opposes such a trade, but for an underfolder, or some other folder AK, I could be talked into it.

  1. Before I go digging into the recesses of the Steel Box (it’s nobody’s idea of a “safe”, lock on the door notwithstanding), is reversible conversion (I have all of the original parts still) (somewhere) to accept detachable magazines a disqualifying factor from consideration? It’s a Yugo sans grenade launcher.

  2. Sorry, AK-style is streng Verboten in the People’s Republic of Commifornia.

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