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So let’s let out some more gas:

how’s that vegetarian shit working out for India, by the way?

Jesus wept.

somebody else’s future, maybe;  just not mine.

lessee:  a Socialist who screwed up his country’s economy and caused untold suffering for its citizens by pursuing insane Green / Net Zero policies has to flee the country… am I the only one finding this inspirational?

how can I put this politely?  Oh yeah:  fuck off, all of you.

so did John Wayne.  What’s your point, Has-Been?

somehow, I think we have enough native sex maniacs and perverts already, without having to import more of them.  And while we’re on that topic:

sure, like I’m the only one here thinking about some of that “cultural appropriation” stuff.

post something cruel on the Internet, though, and PC Plod will be right over.

I know I have a copy of Sarah Hoyt’s shocked face lying around somewhere

trust me, you do not want to know what this is.  Okay, then, but I did warn ya.




And in the political world:

my Arizona Readers will know more about this than I do, of course, but from where I sit, she seems to have at least some of the Right Stuff:

More news of similar dubious content next week.


  1. About that “vabbing”.
    ‘For me it’s feeling like I have a secret weapon and also it’s me claiming the truth that the smell of my vulva/ vagina is intoxicating NOT toxic,’ she said.

    A few years ago it was shown that 90% of ALL McDonald’s menu touchscreens had fecal matter on them, as well as all the ice wells in the drink machines.

    Now, desperate wimminz laminating pussy juice everywhere as if it’s Chanel number 5.

    What next, fags smearing shit all over themselves hoping to snag a new post hole digger?

    Jesus christ, one more reason to stay right here on the compound and avoid the degenerate society.

  2. The moment people can access their money by simply waving their hand over an RFID reader is the same moment when chopping off someone’s hand to steal all their money becomes a thing.

  3. > …how’s that vegetarian shit working out for India, by the way?

    Pretty well, actually. There are over 1.5 billion Indians and I’m told that their population is expected to exceed China’s very soon (I haven’t checked). Of course, not all of them are vegetarian.

    1. Q,
      Have to ever BEEN to India?
      #2 cause of unnatural death (after disease) is starvation / malnutrition.

      1. And yet their population keeps increasing. I’m looking at the IHME website and starvation isn’t in the top 10. #10 for death & disability combined is ‘dietary iron deficiency’ which sounds like it’s caused by vegetarianism.

        Malnutrition is listed as the primary risk factor, and it’s down 39.8% from 2009 to 2019.

        Malnutrition does appear to be a factor for infant deaths but under-five deaths have gone down from 2.24 million in 2000 to 1.04 million (2017 figure). Still a lot but percentage-wise it’s a different story: it’s 4.2%. Given that much of India is still a shit-hole that’s pretty good going, and it’s getting better.

        Statistica says “Between 2016 and 2020, there were no deaths reported due to lack of food and water. However, in 2012, there were 217 deaths due to this reason, making it the highest fatality number since 2010.”

        India seems to be on the right track but it’s going to take them a lot of work and time to rise to Western standards.

  4. In re Pope: Perhaps focus on rooting out the child predators and instructing people in the ways of holiness. Stay in your lane.

  5. Sri Lanka:
    Did the “President” leave accompanied by the requisite multiple duffels stuffed with Benjamins?

  6. Re: vabbing;
    I prefer deer scent myself; it keeps my freezer stocked and I don’t have to worry about STD’s, buy dinners or pay alimony.

  7. Kari Lake’s main claim to fame around here is that she was one of the Talking Heads on local TV news. She has little to offer in the way of political wisdom. That she currently leads the polls here is only because the other candidates are nothing to brag about.

    Barry Goldwater is spinning in his hallowed grave.

    1. Sorry to hear that.

      One the other hand, she seems to have the right ideas for the future — i.e. somewhat akin to Trump’s, so maybe she’d be a better choice than the party apparatchiks and grifters.

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