Needless To Say

Here’s one of life’s little ironies which will be totally lost on… well, you’ll see.

Apparently, some dickhead made a fool of himself outside a Congressional rep’s house, making death threats and various racial slurs, all while carrying a gun.

We know nothing about Dickhead, but we know quite a bit about the politician, who is an extreme socialist and Indian immigrant named Pramila Jayapal.  Jayapal is one of the leading lights of Seattle’s left-wing residents (no small achievement, that), who was (and is) a strong supporter of defunding police and of BLM in general.

So what did our cop-hating lady socialist do when said dickhead made his appearance outside her house, wanting to send her back to India or else kill her?

Of course:  she called the cops.

The Seattle cops have no sense of humor, of course, so they raced over and arrested the schmuck.

Had I been a Seattle cop, I would have taken my sweet time to get there — observing the speed limit, stopping for a bathroom break while taking the most circuitous route possible, and finally:  letting Dickhead go with a warning (he was carrying, but not brandishing his pistol) — all so this dreadful Commie could come face to face with some of the consequences of her own political positions that she inflicts on others.

I don’t know whether this foul bitch is on record for supporting the “activism” outside the various Supreme Court justices’ homes, but I’ll put money on the likelihood that she does.

So it’s all the more ironic when yet another of her positions comes around for a little home visit.  [insert Alinsky reference here, something about using their own rules to harass them]

Update:  via Comments, I see that the dickhead was released (to the consternation of the locals) — yet another of the criminal-lovers’ chickens coming home to roost.  Too funny.


  1. Many so called ‘elites’ ( I have another term for them but …) are like this
    in that they really believe that NO MATTER what happens, they, personally
    will not never be affected in any negative way. They believe that when the
    dust settles and mankind is reduced to a giant trash heap, that they as an
    individual, will be sitting on top of the heap !
    ‘Defund the police. If anything goes wrong I’ll simply call the police’ – goes
    COMPLETELY over their heads.
    ‘the phone isn’t working ! – Well, call the phone company !
    This is the level we are dealing with !
    Irony, it seems to me, is totally lost on them especially when it happens to them.
    They seem genetically incapable of understanding irony !

    1. As they say in the Russian Marines, per Leon Uris, “Toughski Shitski.”

  2. Calumny I say! Where is your evidence said cops weren’t laughing themselves sick on the drive over to said hypocrite’s house?

  3. About 30 years ago, a Philadelphia judge was mugged near the courtroom. Said judge having made a name for herself by releasing lots of accused criminals and sentencing them very lightly when convicted. There was a great deal
    of speculation that she was mugged by one of the guys she let loose although that was never firmly established. Anyway, a good cause to ROTFLOAO.

    Soon thereafter, even the Democrats got on board with locking up violent criminals for a long time. And that consensus actually lasted for a while. But, it is one of the greatest failings of men that they forget what happened before and start making the same mistakes they did before. I didn’t like the first run of the 1970s; the remakes going to be a lot worse.

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