Fearful Insanity

Reader Simon M. sends me this story which is so… I can’t describe it, but here’s the opening:

A young lady in NYC decided to write a diary. Being a young lady what she wrote in her diary she considered to be private. It was her thoughts, her fears, her wants. It was for her.

Unfortunately, her brother was an uncultured clod and when he discovered her diary in a public area, knowing it was private, decided to read it. We can guess about how the brother handled such private disclosures.

The young lady realized that she needed some what to secure her diary from prying eyes. The idea of wrapping it in chains probably didn’t appeal to her. Like wise, it is unlikely she was able to get a high level wizard to spell lock it.

She found a small portable safe at a second hand store and bought it for cheap. She then proceeded to lock her personal items in the lock box to keep her private stuff private.

And then the S. Hit The F.

Read all about it*.

And to answer the author’s question:  no, there isn’t.

*To Reader Simon:  please resend the email, if you can.  She was broken.


  1. As Ravenwood notes, the link is not what the link is supposed to be.

  2. Are you friggin kidding me?

    I’m totally going to live in a cabin in the woods away from these people. My God.

  3. This is the readership of the NYT, and Yes, they demonstrate many psychoses that may be peculiar to that city, and that readership. Thankfully, they are not nuts enough to venture into Fly-over Country.

  4. I ask my Readers to imagine what would transpire if they ever came to visit MY house…

    1. A mass casualty event where they spontaneously stroke out. Do ambulances give group discounts if they transport two or more? Can Kim be charged with littering if they hyperventilate to death in front of his home? Probably not in Texas, but don’t try this in New York.

    2. We don’t do gun safes. Never seen the point. Our entire property is heavily secured at the property lines, so why would we want gun safes to slow us down if we need to perform security measures?

      Anyway, when is a gun safe NOT a gun safe?
      When there is NO gun involved.
      The parents in that article are upset because the daughter is behaving like an adult (securing her property) while the adults are behaving like children. I see the daughter getting out of that place as soon as she can.

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