1. …and Betty Sue was NOT going to pull the train on the victorious offensive line.

  1. “Gosh, Susie, just think how much better this would be if we were diverse!”

  2. Nine years ago when we moved down here to the Texas hill country to join daughter and her family I had two grandsons playing high school football, Friday Night Lights and all that. Older grandson said, “Papa what position did you play in high school?” and my reply was “Saxophone, it was a lot of fun traveling to out of town games on a bus whit nice looking, good smelling girls.” and they were, lovely, lovely delightful young ladies and guys who were funny. A footnote is that even on trips up to 120 miles one of our drivers was boy a year older than me at the time, 17 and he lived on a farm at the end of bus line so he drove the kids home and back to school each day and no one thought anything about him driving a large bus with forty kids on long trips. Of course that was the olden days and all of us guys had cars and trucks with guns when we were in high school because you never knew when a rabbit or something might need to be killed.

  3. To quote the title of one of Col. Cooper’s books, “It Was A Different Country”.

  4. There is something very wrong with that picture. Children the size of 8-year-olds behaving like high-school kids. I don’t recall ever seeing football in elementary school, even in Texas. Perhaps this is some sort of miniature Gulliver world. Little Susie, the drum majorette, does have the coquettish glance (and nice legs) that I do remember from high school, but in miniature. And Officer Friendly seems to be eye-balling those crew-cut boys. So much nostalgia for lost times is based on forgetting how things really were and this kind of Norman Rockwell nonsense. More than 50 years ago, when I was in high school, we used to rank the cheerleaders on a scale of “bed time” and that didn’t refer to when they went sleep. “Muffie had more bed time than any other cheerleader.”

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