Remember when I said that conservatives (and the few conservative Republicans) should declare victory, and not start overreaching and going crazy?

This is what I meant by going crazy:

The delegates of the Republican Party of Texas voted overwhelmingly to add a plank to the party platform calling for a statewide vote for returning to an independent nation. Texas GOP officials told Breitbart Texas the plank received approximately 80 percent of the delegate votes cast at the June state convention.

You fucking morons.  The Great State of Texas can’t even manage its electricity delivery properly (whether it’s too cold or too hot), and now you want to be an independent country?

You know, we do not call them the Stupid Party for nothing — they earn the sobriquet just about every election cycle.

Just keep on walking in that direction, why don’tcha.

Oh and by the way:  I myself — one of the most conservative Republican voters you’ll ever meet — will vote against the measure.


  1. Breakup is coming. The choice is to whether it will be peaceful and rational like Czechoslovakia or bloody and chaotic like Yugoslovakia. Or maybe will will have oppression with gulags or Mad Max type collapse. Business as usual is not an option.

  2. Have you ever considered that the United State of DC And Outlying Territories might beat TX to the punch and expel it? After all, it doesn’t provide much other than animal protein and petroleum, which are kinda icky.

    1. Nice… after having salted the earth of our society and polity with refugee New Yorkers and Californians.

  3. Part of the reason that Texas has problems with power delivery is that the Feds royally screwed things up. Between subsidies for wind farms, opposition to standby power and more crap than I have time to list here.

    That said, Texas may think it has the right to go back to being it’s own country, but the Feds will take exception to that.

    And yeah, the Republicans are the stupid party. Here in Colorado they had a good chance to take the legislature back, but at least some of the candidates the party selected in the process that culminated in the primaries should be allowed out of their homes without minders, much less be in a position in government.

    Partially this is because Republican voters just don’t want to be involved, they want to show up at the polls every 4 years and have a perfect set of candidates manifest themselves. They don’t want to do any work to *get* those candidates, so it’s only the elderly, and the insane who get involved.

  4. Federal mandates and shit caused the shut down of Texas power plants, get the feds out of the way and perhaps, just perhaps Texas could become a powerful energy producing state. Left on its own it would be interesting and we actually do have enough home grown red neck young people, along with some older ones to staff a nice size military, there is as strong tradition of that stuff. Of course it might also be nice to have treaties with adjoining states, places like Oklahoma full of red necks and Arkansas full of deep fried red necks, don’t know about Louisiana, they talk funny and eat funny food and pretty much forget New Mexico because Santa Fe liberals. It might happen and without Federal dollars perhaps a lot of the metro populations would want to move other metros where the Fed money would still be flowing, then those who were left could find out a person needs to work in order to eat and all that old time stuff. Doubt if I see any of this in my life time.

  5. As an independent nation they could build their own Nuclear power plants without all the Federal interference.

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