Death Wish

After Margaret Thatcher rescued the British economy from the pit the Socialists had dropped it into, and driven the Argies out of the Falklands, her position was sabotaged not by the Opposition, but from within her own party.  All the good she’d done was forgotten, and out she went.

And so it goes, again, with the man who successfully got the Brits out of the foul EU and stood up to that vile Russian thug Putin when everyone else was going all Neville Chamberlain:

Boris Johnson is a student of Shakespeare – but today he is the victim of his own Roman tragedy after being brutally knifed by pals.
Once the ultimate popular leader who defied political gravity, his premiership has been brought crashing down by his own Tory troops.
His bloody ousting is the climax of a spectacular fall from grace after storming to a huge landslide victory less than three years ago.

The only thing that may save the not-so Conservative Party is that the not-so Loyal Opposition is a bloody shambles.

I shall discuss this latest example of Perfidious Albion with Mr. Free Market over the weekend, and see what he has to say.


  1. Johnson also cucked horribly over the scamdemic and has been utterly useless on Muslim immivasion. Thatcher he is not.

  2. BoJo is a doos. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

    He absolutely adores the whole climate charade as a way to show that he is a man of the people. (He isn’t.) He loves pronouns and high speed rail boondoggles and men who cut their balls off. He implemented one of the most vicious lockdowns on the planet. People weren’t even allowed to stand in their own fucking gardens ffs. Give me five minutes and I could recall another hundred reasons to hate the smelly slimy cunt.

    Come back Jeremy all is forgiven. No not you Clarkson.

    1. I dunno, having Jeremy Clarkson as PM would be very entertaining to say the least (especially when sitting safely on this side of the Atlantic). And could he do much worse than the pack of wankers they currently have to pick from?

  3. Boris’ downfall is entirely due to his misbehaviour. And it’s not Shakespeare but Greek tragedy you should be referencing. It was his hubris that did him in. Nothing to do with his policies. He was caught lying too many times. He broke his own rules.

    All he had to do was be humble and confess at the time and he would have likely been forgiven.

  4. Following Biden’s economic advise and going all in with the rest of the globalist clowns in the Ukraine destroyed Johnson. Whatever you think of Putin, that war didn’t need to happen. We staged the coup in 2014 and started causing all the trouble on Russia’s doorstep. Instead of being independent, Boris was an enthusiastic participant in the stupidity.

    1. > Whatever you think of Putin, that war didn’t need to happen.

      Wow. Talk about blaming the victim.

      That war was *going* to happen regardless of what The West did. Putin was very clear about that. The only way to prevent “war” would have been for The West to take Putin’s side and force Ukraine to give up more land. And then to do it again when Putin put forth some other reason to take MORE of Ukrainian territory. Note that when Russia invaded they didn’t just take the land they claimed (this time), they went straight for Kiev, and were going to try to take the whole thing.

        1. I compare it to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Suppose that the Soviets had a treaty with not just the Cubans, but Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, and were courting Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and every little island in the Caribbean? Troops, bases, launchers, the whole 9 yards. What would the US response be? That’s the same situation the Russians are dealing with regarding NATO for the past 3 or 4 decades. Ever expanding, ever closer to the Russian border. That’s not even counting the Neo Nazi issue.

          1. As the NATO Alliance marches eastward, how many soldiers from each new NATO country were killed resisting joining NATO?
            NATO grew in numbers because newly free countries wanted to be allied with other strong countries as protection against the aggressive giant to the east.

          2. These cases are not at all comparable. A defensive alliance like NATO is not an aggressive empire like the USSR. If you’ve not learned the history, at the end of WWII the Soviets conquered and forcibly established oppressive puppet governments in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, part of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Bulgaria. That was in addition to retaining most of the nations that had been conquered by the Tsars.

            To continue their expansion, they then financed and armed astroturf “revolutions” to impose copies of their murderous regime in North Korea, several African nations, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, and Cambodia. That’s just the ones that succeeded…
            Any alliance between the Soviets and any other country was just an opening for direct or indirect conquest.

            NATO has never invaded anyone. It’s a purely defensive alliance, which every nation freed from the USSR or near Russia wants to join because Putin has made it clear they’ll need a defensive alliance sooner or later. It’s no threat at all to a peaceful Russia, if such a thing ever exists.

            Who fears a defensive alliance? The country that intends to invade it’s neighbors.

  5. Well, I’m sorry he resigned, these was a reason he won a landslide, the majority of voters in the UK liked him. He wasn’t sacked by the will of the people but by his enemies in the media and the Communists who are hiding in plain sight, (not to mention the remainers in parliament who saw their gravy train come to an end). Does any of this sound familiar to the observers of Mr. Trump?

  6. Pretty much every leader who held the reins during the pandemic is going to get voted off the island. Happened in Aus, going to happen in Nz.

    People like Boris get elected for their potential, but have to live by their performance, and yes, I agree he did some good things. In Victorian times he might have got away with acting like a cunt in private, but these days when everyone’s got a camera and recording device….

  7. It’s always their own party doing them in because they know where the juicy stuff is hidden, and they want to save their phoney-baloney jobs.

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