News Roundup

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And if today’s news roundup doesn’t make your ass burn, you’re a better man than I am.

coming soon to a car near you.

no homeschooled 10-year-olds were included in the report, because 100% would have been no shock at all.

hey, if you can’t kill them with abortion

wouldn’t know.  Haven’t had one since the early 1970s.

so, no more “original” songs from her, then, as breakups have always been her principal source.  Till the divorce comes along — assuming, of course, the marriage actually takes place.

I’d also stop eating if someone started doing that to me to me.  Wait…

after a damn good spanking.  I’m thinking sjamboks, but that’s just the African in me talking.

And from the annals of Gun Control, Massacre Division:

why the question mark?

so that doesn’t work, either.  LOL.

agreed.  However, then the city’s Democrat ruling party’s policies would start to get attention, and we can’t have that.

accused of what? Telling the truth?  Rape is terrible, and I’m all for flaying, flogging etc. of rapists;  but murder is a whole ‘nother brand of terrible.

and that’s before we start with the minefields.

sheesh, I didn’t even know that Blacks went on cruises.

to get that high a percentage, the poll must have been conducted in the Princeton faculty lounge.

yep, and OFF! is now a weapon of mass destruction.  JHC.

And now ’tis time for the link-free INSIGNIFICA:


and boy, are you going to thank me for no link to those last two.

And lastly:

I can’t remember the story and I couldn’t be bothered to look for it, but apparently a German soccer coach has left his wife for a comely young sports news reporter.  The hottie that follows isn’t that woman, but with reporters like her going around, that affair is unsurprising.  Ladies and gentleman, allow me to prevent Sky Italia’s  Diletta Leotta (and a delight she is, too):

On seeing these pics, Longtime Friend and Former Bandmate Knob’s comment was:

So much for the news.  Oh wait, one more thing:

Couldn’t help myself.


  1. Gah! You bloody skunk, springing that “one more thing” on us after the delectable Diletta Leotta.

    A very low blow indeed. Almost made morning coffee exit the nostrils.

    Bad boy!

  2. As god is my witness you are so going to spend the afterlife in hell’s equivalent of Seffrica. 😉

  3. The eye- (and brain-) bleach is suppose to come *after* the madness-inducing imagery!

    Regarding Miss Delight, she looks like she could give Yanet Garcia a run for her money (if you’re unfamiliar with the lovely and talented Miss Garcia, I recommend Ozzy Man’s brief introduction:

  4. Who are the cattle flanking the SOH? No wonder her husband drinks to excess.

    In re: Taylor Swift. Back when she was getting started her songs were kind of charming. Having three adolescent girls in the house who loved her, I could see why, and it was harmless. Then she got big and everything turned into whiny chick-pop. The only lyrics you won’t hear are “Maybe I’m the problem?”

  5. Somewhere along the line, Western Civilization forgot how to deal with punks. We need to start relearning goddamn now.

  6. I’m going to take the story about our southern border being the deadliest land crossing border in the world, with a pound of salt. It is, after all, coming from the U.N., and the U.N. hates the United States.

    I know I’m probably a minority of one here, but whether a woman is as pretty as Sky Italia’s Diletta Leotta, or as decrepit as the Screecher of the House, I don’t think any woman should have boobs as big, or bigger than her head.

    1. Why not? It’s like saying you don’t need a limo, as a sports car will suffice.

  7. the one girl must have helium in her upper rack. Only what they can look like that.

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