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This little thread is actually one of the sadder things I’ve read recently.

It all started here, with a tweet from Dr. Danna Young basically smearing white middle school boys claiming if they’re not ‘pulled out’ they end up in the alt-right pipeline.

The response is pointed, heartfelt and probably fills the heart of every modern feminazi educator with joy because it signifies for them, Mission Accomplished.

And we wonder why the Armed Forces are having trouble recruiting the proper young men…


  1. Don’t forget that the second a middle school (or younger) boy starts acting a little rambunctious, the teacher immediately calls the parents and strongly suggests that the little ADHD basterd needs to be put on Ritalin, stat. We had to deal with that constantly with our oldest. And yes, he was AD, but not HD, but managed to graduate public school and then trade school without any Rx assistance.

    The scholarship mess was very educational. Hundreds of scholarships for every conceivable demographic. Except, you know, white boys.

  2. Schmidt is absolutely right. I hadn’t thought about the DEI nonsense in that perspective. One of the last places I worked had mandatory DEI nonsense training. All the perps were white males. If the perps had been any other race, you can bet the NAACP would have been up in arms.

    Black Power! Chicano Pride! Women Power! all these and more are celebrated but if you insert white or male in there, the leftists and their tools get very nasty.


    1. One fun little exercise is to go to Wikipedia and search, successively, “Black Pride”, then “Asian Pride”, then “Gay Pride”, then “White Pride”. See if you can spot any differences of note!

      One of these things is not like the others…

  3. That’s Doctor, like Doctor Jill, namely a twit with a paper to prove it, right? How are your male students doing, doctor? Not as well as my generation, certainly. So why do we pay you to pontificate while you fail at education?


  4. In a varied professional career spanning six decades, the most stressful was a brief sojourn into a front office position surrounded by wymyns. At no time in motor racing, the military, or as a self-employed proprietor of firearms, had I experienced such stress – not even in the hospitality industry surrounded by women at all levels.

  5. Who is this ‘doctor’ and what is it a doctor of? Medicine? Law? Some bullshit?

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