Here We Go Again

Oh joy.  From some guy I’ve never heard of before, by email:

people are laughing at you

Well, I went over there and listened to some of it (it’s over half an hour long, FFS), and it strikes me as some snowflake taking issue with me and my writings, along with the usual ad hominem attacks and such.

Apparently, my irritation and blunt opinions are Just Too Much for this shrinking violet and his adoring cohort of camp followers.

My response, of course, was along the lines of “If I actually cared about some whiny Millennial’s opinion of me, I might be worried.”

Seriously; go along and have a listen. Try not to laugh.

Oh, and this Mahmood Tajbakhsh (at guy used this as the subject of his email: “Sporterized Persian Mauser”.

I’d put money on the likelihood that he doesn’t even know what that is.


  1. That’s a very old podcast. My favorite comment on the podcast: “Google photo of Kim Du Toit, then Google photo of Chapo Trap House”

    Epic results.

    1. I didn’t find anything remarkable. Reading up about them and listening to a few minutes of their drivel, they certainly put the dirt bag in dirt bag leftists.


  2. Uh-Huh.

    Indeed I have great respect for any group of guys sitting around on a pod cast (or in any social setting really) where a significant part of their conversation consists of “yeah, yeah” in agreement with whatever the head Sally Sue is saying.

    Sounds like a collection of all knowing 16 year olds (despite the photos).

    Kinda funny, the only images of them place them in nice sheltered urban environments that appear to be just two doors down from the Latte Fern Bar.
    How manly.
    They look like the guys you send to the hardware store to buy a left-handed hammer and some water line.

    Sporterized Persian Mauser? Why of course he knows what that is! It’s an AKC dog breed with a little running coat.

  3. The commenters there reinforce what you’ve said and they seem to be unaware of that.

    1. You had me at “unaware”. I think that’s the most descriptive terms for them — just as “unexpectedly” characterizes the Biden Administration.

  4. I salute all of you that listened to that whole thing. I have a low tolerance for the nancy boy mindset and I lost all interest a few minutes in.

    1. Clicked off after a few minutes – might go back for the remainder if I’m so bored licking dirt seems interesting.

  5. I tried to listen. I honestly did.

    Way too much estrogen.

    Can’t stand males (these weren’t men) nattering like the yentas on the View.

    1. I only got about ten minutes in, myself.

      You don’t need to eat the whole egg to decide that it’s rotten.

  6. Reminds me of one of my favorite insults, from Casablanca, between Bogey and Peter Lorre:

    Lorre: You despise me, don’t you?
    Bogey: I suppose I would if I gave you any thought at all.

    Mark D

  7. If I make it past ten minutes of this drivel do I get a participation trophy? These douche nuggets don’t even realize that they exemplify the pussification of the western male.

    I bet if you tracked their movements, they would bounce between starsucks in the morning, a craft brewery with dreadful IPAs and their parent’s basement. Maybe the occasional trip to Whole Foods because mom keeps buying the wrong almond milk.


  8. Maybe Ian McCollum will do episode of Forgotten Weapons on the sporterized Persian Mauser! I’m sure it will get a lot more views in nine months than those guys did.

    I made it to 10:30, and had to kill the tab. It reminded me of Howard Stern, Mancow, et. al. – get as many people as you can cram into the studio who will agree, and laugh with you, and call it entertainment. Sh*t! I hope I never come across their drivel again.

  9. Yech. Got ~3 minutes in, flashed on Air America before it crashed and burned. PLONK, as we said on Usenet.
    Stay safe

  10. I let 8-1/2 minutes play while I read a few comments there and a few here.

    But “gin-soaked wretch” sounds more like approbation than like contumely.

    1. I thought the same thing – after 2-3min of that Triade, I realized it was a circle-jerk of fellow travelers.

  11. My usual routine for a podcast:
    * I go a few seconds, then pause while reading the comments.
    If I discover the commenters are self-absorbed, immature, use small words in short sentences, I immediately bail.
    Those comments revealed their creators are:
    * a sorted and motley collective of beta males…
    * chicks trying to be males through prescription hormones.
    Not worth my time.
    I have a farm to run.

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