Read these two headlines — the first using standard pronoun terminology, the second the woke version — and see which one is more comprehensible.

So… being sexually exploited caused Doug Hutchison to get breast implants too?  I am SO confused…

Here are the objects in question, by the way:

I report, you decide.


  1. I’m still amazed that the Latinx crowd insists on trying to ungender Spanish and other romance languages. Whenever someone uses the term, I ask them how to pronounce that in Spanish.

    And they wonder why they’re losing the Hispanic vote.

  2. Ah! A pic of Courtney Stodden I didn’t already have. Strl-S. Thanks. In return, here’s a word I bet isn’t yet in your Brit-speak dictionary: effable. As in, I have always considered Courtney Stodden effable. (Except for the “don’t stick your dick in the crazy” thing.)

    1. That word does not mean what you think it means, as you are spelling it wrong. Effable has been a word for a long time along with its correlative ineffable.
      You are thinking of “F’able” which probably needs no explication in this forum.

  3. the pronoun thing is ridiculous. Yet again the left is using language to bully people with their craziness


  4. English has a default gender/unknown sing gender term: he. We also have a neutral single gender term: it. They/them is for more than one person. One could argue that some of these “they/them” people are Legion, in the Biblical sense.

    Yes, language is not a straight-jacket, and we make up new terms and concepts all the time. English is the all-time leader of taking other languages out to the back alley and mugging them for shiny stuff, after all. Nonetheless, I will not accept any newspeak attempts to rewrite reality by rewriting the language. Full stop.

    1. ’tis actually straitjacket, (or strait-jacket), as in dire straits…….
      Just being pedantic

    2. Even back in the Sixties we had a pronoun for the gender-confused: “It.”

  5. The Pronoun Nazis are damn lucky that they can’t be shot on sight (or muttering)….

  6. Singular “they” goes all the way back to Shakespeare’s time, but it was always as rare as the situation where one had to refer to a single person without even knowing their sex. OTOH, when someone prefers to be called “they”, to me that sounds like multiple personality disorder, not gender dysphoria.

    1. Mark M,
      You’re absolutely right about “they” being multiple personality disorder. It could be gender dysphoria. Either way it is mental illness and rarely am I interested in differentiating which mental disorder they are expressing at any given time. They send up my red flag of “be careful, we have a nutter here. Avoid their triggers if they’re the violent type or poke their triggers if they are amusing.”


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