3 Inexplicable Things

…in this case, three older women I still have impure thoughts about:

Caroline Quentin (64)

Never a great looker, but for some reason I always had a thing for her, starting with Jonathan Creek all the way through Blue Murder.  And she’s never let her dumpy figure get in the way of her career, or self-esteem. My kinda gal.

Jean Smart (71)

Fell in love with her during the Designing Women  days, never lost it.  One of the sexiest voices of all time, and even though she’s from Seattle, she speaks Dixie with the best of them.  And she inhabits every role she plays, ergo  all those acting awards.  The interesting thing is that she never really got to play the leading-lady femme-fatale  romantic roles, probably because at 5’11”, she towers over most Hollywood actors, and casting directors are morons.

And last, but by no means least:

Rita Wilson (66)

Yeah, Tom Hanks’s old lady.  Always had a slight thing for Greek chicks… and let’s not forget the freckled boob thing.


  1. Nothing inexplicable about Jean Smart. I’m 20 years younger than her but I’d bang her like a Salvation Army drum. The woman still brings the heat.

      1. Kim – Eccentric? Surely you jest. What about your fondness for Helena Bonham Carter? She’s not eccentric. Nope, no siree, bub. She’s fucking off-the-charts weird.

  2. Caroline Quentin has that “I will teach you some things, and then I will wreck you” look.

  3. The sex that flowed out of Rita Wilson stole the show in “That Thing You Do”.
    Jean Smart was always my “Designing Wom(a)n”.

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