Well, Now

…are we heading back to the 1980s, pox-wise?

The world faces a monkeypox pandemic — said pandemic having originated not in Wuhan this time, but in Africa, the traditional ground zero for most shitty modern-day plagues and illnesses — such as HIV/AIDS.

But wait! there’s more!  Let’s look at the breadcrumbs:

The U.K.´s Health Security Agency said Monday there were now 470 cases of monkeypox across the country, with the vast majority in gay or bisexual men.  According to U.K. data, 99% of the cases so far have been in men and most are in London.


First monkeypox patient to go public is a gay HR manager from London who was deported from Dubai just weeks ago for testing positive for HIV


American man, 48, vacationing at a Mexican resort for gay men fled a Puerto Vallarta hospital after being told that he might have monkeypox: He flew to Texas where he tested positive for the highly infectious virus

Of course (just as with AIDS), there’s the obligatory warning for heterosexuals:

Scientists warn that anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, is susceptible to catching monkeypox if they are in close, physical contact with an infected person or their clothing or bed sheets.

…which is true, of course, but unless you’ve been sleeping in some fegelah‘s unwashed sheets or snogging his boyfriend, your chances of catching this latest little present from Africa seem to be remote.

And of course, the CDC is ever ready to play its part in this maskirovka, putting out a pamphlet like this one, which depicts (surprise!) a hetero couple and not someone from Greenwich Village.

Even our old ‘Rona friend, the oh-so scientific (not) “6 feet apart” rule, has made a comeback.

What a load of crock.  Needless to say, the Covidocrats are just itching [sic]  for some new pretense to lock us all down again, but it ain’t gonna work this time.


  1. Isn’t that just like a stereotypical Leftist? Our homo Dubai expat hero has HIV and yet fudgepacks with ten men in a few weeks, contracts monkeypox, but somehow the UK Health Service is the bad guy in his story.
    Another me first, screw you entitled punk.
    I hope his pecker falls off.

  2. As the old saying goes, “Smoking them or poking them, those butts will get you everytime”

  3. UK reported 152 cases, all men, and 151 admitted to having sex with other men.

    #152 needs to have an honest discussion with his wife.

  4. It’s seldom if ever fatal is what I’m hearing. Too bad. The herd could use thinning since AIDS isn’t getting it done anymore.

    1. Somebody get you angry this morning?

      Not that this is an unknown thing at this address…

    2. Fatality rate similar to influenza. Transmissibility similar to HIV. If your partner recently went to Africa to butt-fuck lower primates, take precautions. Otherwise, don’t worry.

  5. Like when HIV/AIDS first reared it’s head in the 70’s, the Healthcare Industry keeps stressing how anyone can catch the latest pox.
    Only later did it come to light that the average number of sexual partners for the victims was 1600, no matter your orientation or sex, having unprotected sex with hundreds of people (mostly strangers in bathhouses and at festivals) will not end well.

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