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So here we plummet, into the fiery news.

so basically, you’re telling me that I can have more pricks than Madonna on an average Saturday night, and still get the ‘Rona?

because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

From the Dept. Of Cultural Assimilation (European Division):


on the bright side, they could have done it to goats, just like in the Old Country.

as long as we can reclassify “exterminating asshole politicians like you” as “sporting”, I’m cool with that.

my first purchase when this actually happens:

I guess “no man should” has turned into “no man will”.

actually, we don’t trust him to handle a rubber ducky in the bathtub.

reclassify them as “assault knives”:  that should workNext up for the goblins:  scythes.

he’d never be convicted for that Over Here because to Americans, most Brit men look like rentboys anyway:


I’m not surprised;  she’s been impersonating a singer for years.

COPS have released the mugshots of more than 30 alleged Patriot Front members who were arrested at a Pride event
now let’s play “Spot The FBI Provocateurs”.  I figure about eight, but I’m probably undercounting.

1, 3, 4, 8, 11, 17, 27 and 30.



mango?  lemongrass?  FFS, all you need is a slice of lemon and/or lime, and even that’s optional.

Anyway, now on to the real news:


And without the yellow dress, in earlier times:


And that’s all the news fit to look at.


  1. Of the 31 that were busted:

    12 FBI Agents
    10 DEA Agents
    8 ATF Agents

    and 1 patsy.

    Funny how they were wearing brand new, matching boots…

  2. Well Kim speaking as a brit guy who doesn’t look like a girly boy, I’d say go fuck yourself.

    Do love Yr blog though. Especially the gun stuff. .. doubt I’ll be allowed to comment again!

    1. LOL how little you know me. Now had you taken issue with the Taylor Swift item, we’d have had to resort to pistols at dawn.

  3. I’d eat at Hindenburger. It’ll either be one of those holes in the wall with fantastic burgers, or kill me.

  4. …mango? lemongrass? FFS, all you need is a slice of lemon and/or lime, and even that’s optional.

    I’ve taken to adding a couple of dashes of orange bitters as well as the lime cheek. I guess that makes me a poofter now.

    1. If you substitute 7-Up for tonic with that orange stuff, you have an excellent thirst quencher.

  5. If it’s true that Fauxci authorized financing the Gain of Function Research with the Chicoms, then he’s an accessory to murder or guilty of the negligent homicide of millions of people and the gigantic financial cost of coping with the disease and its effects on civilization.
    I hope he suffers the for the rest of his life with the side effects, major and minor, of his personal plague.

  6. “Most Believe Biden Admin Allowing Gas Prices to Rise to Get Americans off Fossil Fuels”


    I think that headline writer misspelled “causing.”

  7. Thou are supremely evil, stop making me laugh so hard at all the stupidity herein aggregated.

    At least he ladies section allows one to catch a breath.

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