So I was wandering around the local Merchant Of Death’s establishment, when I saw that unlike on an earlier visit a while back, the display cases were full of semi-auto pistols, mostly, it should be said, in .380 ACP or 9mm Europellet.  All different brands:  Taurus, Glock, SIG, you name it.  And decently-priced, too.

When I pointed this out to the sales guy, he smiled and said:

“Remember all those guns bought during the lockdown?”
“Uh huh.”
“No kidding?”
“And mostly unfired, from the look of them.”

So if any of my Dallas-area Readers are looking for a bargain, you know where to go.


  1. Interesting ~ it might be that some people have to pay their living expenses and sell/return whatever they can just to put gasoline in their car to go to work. I used to have a good friend 20 years ago, she worked for Bachendorf’s jewelers in Plano and that store unlike the Dallas Bachendorf’s always expected a huge number of returns right after Christmas when the credit card bills started coming in. I wonder if that is a Plano thing with the gun store.

  2. The gun store that gets almost all of my business (in Orlando) seems to have a good solid stock of a lot of pistols – the ones that have basically been nonexistent for the last couple of years. Some sale prices, too, with significant discounts on a lot of major brands.

    There’s even a couple of AR models at $50 off or so.

    Not a lot of shotguns, though.

  3. Looks like Bass Pro has some ammo in, too. Might have to run by there tomorrow.

  4. They should have found a way to keep them. Bought them when they were afraid, at probably a premium, sold them back when prices went up, maybe for less than what they originally paid, then will scramble to buy them again when riot season comes. At a much higher price. Give up cigarettes, beer, movies, outside dining, but don’t give up your guns.

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