Oh good grief:

Will Smith has sought help in the wake of his infamous slap of Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.  Smith, 53, ‘has been going to therapy after the Oscars incident’.

Don’t need therapy, bro — just a testosterone injection will do the trick.

Bitch-slapping a guy for insulting your wife:  good.

Getting therapy to deal with fallout from said incident:  total pussy.

Be a man:  express no remorse and tell ’em all to fuck off.


  1. We must have different definitions of insult. It was a harmless fucking joke fer chrissakes – that he laughed at until he remembered how pussy whipped he is. He’s a pathetic, failed, wannabe bully.

  2. The only therapy that cuckold needs is some boxing lessons to close his hand when he strikes folks like Chris Rock or his wife’s boyfriends.


    1. Especially his wife’s boyfriends.
      Chris Rock’s error was one of ignorance. He thought she had shaved her head as an “OMAGE” to Persis Khambatta or Sinead O’Conner. And yes, I spelled it wrong, because I doubt anyone on that stage at that moment could spell it correctly, the philistines.

  3. Like others have said, a real man would have punched the wife’s boyfriend, kicked her out the house, filed for divorce, then laughed at Rock’s joke like everyone else.

    1. what the heck would Bill Maher know about jokes? He hasn’t been funny for decades.


  4. He needs hormone therapy to give him enough balls to leave a whore wife who fucks his son’s friends and then brags about it in front of him in interviews on national television.

  5. Smith sold his soul (and his person, if the rumors are true) for the golden ticket years ago and he may at this point have convinced himself it was all his own beauty and talent instead. Public cuckolding and being gaslighted into a very public assault are just the equivalent of his bookie sending around a leg-breaker to remind him of the deal he made. No amount of “therapy” will fix that.

  6. Will Smith should be less concerned about what comes out of Chris Rocks’ mouth and more concerned about who comes in Jadas’ mouth.

  7. Be nice people. Keep in mind that in other cultures there are different
    ways of living and different acceptable types of behavior and different
    ways of dealing with pent up anger, self loathing, and the need for self
    expression !
    Gag, I can’t believe I actually typed that. Maybe I should look into becoming
    a politician !

    1. But you’re not a politician. Do you prefer the taste of Ivory, Lifebuoy, Dove, Lux or Dr. Bronner’s Liquid soap?

  8. Apparently, Pfizer has a new treatment for alopecia.
    Apparently, too few investors knew about the disease.
    Apparently, Pfizer needed a boost to their marketing of the treatment.
    Apparently, Jada Plinkett suffers from a form of the disease.
    Accordingly, an astute observer might wonder if Mister Smith and that rock goofball are on the payroll of Pfizer.
    An aside:
    Today is the third installment of a column on SurvivalBlog.
    The author, a ‘St. Funagas’, discusses decades of ‘false-flag’ events, situations created to benefit the investors in corporations.
    Another aside:
    I know nothing of the agreements between Mister Smith and his spouse.
    Irregardless, I will not judge either of them.
    I honestly truly believe they are doing the best they can.

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