Back In Time

This is being typed on New Wife’s desktop PC, which has a keyboard of the IBM Selectric Model 1 type — meaning that I’ve had to relearn where the various DEL INS BKSP etc keys are located, and also have to pound the damn keys instead of caressing them gently into conveying my fevered thoughts and furious invective onto the screen.

All this, of course, because Moron Kim forgot his laptop’s power cord in Boise, as catalogued on these pages before.

Speaking of fury:  a number of you have emailed me, telling me of your repeated inability to log in to this website.  There’s nothing wrong with your systems;  according to Tech Support II, I may apparently be coexisting on a server at WordPress HQ with another site which gobbles up all the bandwidth, leaving Poor Me to experience delays, 503 notices etc., all of which cause me serial RCOBs not even assuaged by repeated sips of gin.  He has contacted the goblins at WP for guidance, and has received notice that a “ticket” has been opened, but so far no other response.

I myself have had to resort to using a “CTRL-A / CTRL-C” routine prior to posting a new piece, lest the input be forever lost in the Abyss Of Teh Intarwebz resulting in a Grade A (Deluxe) RCOB with many Bad Words uttered to upset the Sikh family living above us.

Don’t even ASK how miserable an experience it is to load pics.  A single News Update, for instance, can take  up to two HOURS to load, with my blood pressure frequently approaching 400/350.  So forget any nude pics of Salma Hayek appearing anytime soon; it’s text-text-text for the foreseeable.

If TS II’s supposition is correct, I’m going to have to make a few changes around here, but we can talk about that later, perhaps after I’ve emptied a few mags downrange.

We’ve also been notified by our slumlord that the rent is to increase, to the point where we might actually have to consider moving.  So over the weekend New Wife and I will be looking at rental alternatives in the area, few of which at a cursory glance seem to offer the same facilities we have in this place.

Ask me again about my RCOBs.

ANYWAY:  all working as planned, I’ll be drawing the lucky ticket for the BoomerShoot ULD Rifle this weekend, and the lucky winner will be notified ASAP.  I have to tell y’all, were it not for that UGLY scaffolding masquerading as a stock, I’d get one for myself.  Once I’d sighted it in (and Mark C. will attest to this), it dropped pretty much every bullet into an MOA group at 400 yards, and its trigger is close to the best I’ve ever fired.  Good grief;  what a weapon.  I might just repeat the choice for next year’s rifle, so much do I like it.  (Caveat:  the PMC .308 FMJ ammo I bought was crap — inconsistent, all over the place.  Had I used proper target ammo, I have no doubt that I could have achieved one-hole groups at that distance.  Lesson learned:  next year, if I go, I’ll take handloads or premium target stuff.)

The multiple AARs of Boomershoot will have to wait for next week, but an executive summary would be that a good time was had by all, and that Friend Mark C. is an absolute monster on a rifle — I am truly jealous.

Till later.


  1. Give me a call when you get next year’s rifle in. Right now I have enough powder and primers in stock to move a few Russian colonels up on the promotion lists and I don’t load .308 all that often. I can get you out to 300 yards at the range I use and that would be a start for you.

  2. Kim, does your laptop have USB-C? If so, there’s a good chance that port can also be used to charge the laptop.

      1. If it’s less than, say, 4 years old, there’s a pretty good chance. If you’ve still got the manual, check that. If you don’t, look it up online. You can also look at the ports. Sometimes there will be a power indicator label–usually looks like a horizontal solid line over a horizontal dashed line.

        What’s the brand & model?

  3. You know, you could always waddle down to microcenter and pick up a new cord, even a power supply if that’s what you left. I think I spent under $20 last time I did that.

    The thinkpad I use now only came with one PS. Usually I have two. One for the desk, one for the bag.

    Then again I’m weird like that.

  4. I find meditation or guided imagery helps.

    I picture myself in a nice wooded environment, I follow a stream and find a nice pool of water. The trout are active. I wade into the pool, the cold water rises above my feed and ankles, almost touching my rolled up pant legs. I find a deeper part of the pool and notice bubbles rising to the surface. I watch the bubbles rise, and tumble through the current. I look deeper into the water, peering through the bubbles. There is something there, I focus more sharply and see a shape. the bubbles abate some. The shape in the water takes form. It’s the source of the bubbles as they start to subside. The shape is the head of the imbecile that has pissed me off and the bubbles begin to subside even longer now. A small smile starts to emerge on my face.

  5. You should contact WP. A reputable hosting company will investigate server slowdowns, and if someone else isn’t playing nice, they’ll move you or them. BTDT.

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