Here’s a news piece which should engender a familiar response among my Readers:

A fearless badger is harassing passers-by at a renowned beauty spot — leading the RSPCA to warn the public about its behaviour.  Dog walkers, joggers and families out enjoying the countryside have all fallen foul of the black and white menace.

And if the pictures don’t make your trigger-finger itch and want to reach for a .22 pistol, we can’t be friends.


  1. English badgers look like they’re going to invite you for tea in their garden.

    Why hasn’t this nuisance critter been turned into a hat yet? Oh that’s right, The once great British Empire has been emasculated and disarmed.


  2. A normally nocturnal animal like a raccoon or a badger seen in daylight is likely rabid. Do these people want to find out the hard way?

  3. Nope sorry. As someone who grew up in the countryside, I wish there were more of said badgers keeping cyclists, joggers, etc out of there. Badgers are a pest, but less of a pest than the above.

  4. No way I would let that run around. Even in proxy England. Good stout stick and a good whack on the noggin and it should be lights out badger. Pitch fork would work as well. Might even be better as it is all shabby.

  5. I would suspect that some of those dog breeds were created to deal with this foe.

    1. The word for Badger in German is “Dachs.”
      The breed created to deal with such pests, I leave as an exercise for the reader

  6. Long live badgers!!!

    They kill and eat those little assholes that city folk call “cute little gophers” who are destructive little commie shits and paid up members of the Democratic Party.

    The badgers dig a few big holes, the gophers dig hundreds of little ones.

    Death to gophers, or as we say here in Froggish Canuckistan, a bas les gophers.

  7. A .22? I think a 9mm Europellet would be a better choice. A .45 round would be too expensive to waste on that little SOB.

    1. A .22 is sufficient for a badger. However, you might be thinking that the badger isn’t the worst pest, and the larger bipedal pests definitely need a heavier caliber, not to mention a plan to avoid witnesses and police while disposing of the bodies.

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