Classic Beauty: Myrna Loy

I was watching The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer  the other night (for about the tenth time), and once again was struck by the beauty of Myrna Loy.

As a silent star, she was girlish:

…and then she grew up into the early 1930s-era of cute, witty and sexy women:

…and finally blossomed into full, sophisticated womanhood:

And she did all this despite having had the world’s worst hairstyles inflicted on her.



  1. Don’t usually comment on these types of posts, but Kim’s right. I don’t care for any of the 30s types styles. I prefer the Louise Brooks style.

  2. Compared to most of what passes for hairstyles today (dreads, shaven sides, “pixie” hair, etc.) she was wearing the height of elegance. The styles of the 40s were better IMO, but hers were hardly the worst I’ve ever seen.

  3. My complaint with many of the old time beauties is their lack of any muscles with the the overly smooth, slightly flabby skin texture that brings.

    Body builder chicks are just ugly and weird, but fit girls just plain look better.

    I go to the gym 3 times a week and some of the young ladies there … wow. Keeps me coming back for sure.

    1. Preach it bro! Pretty faces and good bone-structure and all well and good (and these ladies had those), but cellulite and flabby musculature are definite negatives.

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