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And the news is even worse:

that’s some funny shit, right there.

As is this (no link):

Even better:

no mention of their modern-day slaves, i.e. everyone living in Britain.

I said this would happen one day.  And the idea going to be floated here at some point in the near future.

“Bozo” Biden was unavailable for comment.

From the Dept. of Assimilation:

ah yes, that well-known tolerance of Islam.


after they applied for grade school teaching jobs, no doubt.

From the Dept. of Religion:

frankly, old cock, I think most people would agree that you should spend more time talking about the Devil, something you trained for, and much less time about all the other wokist shit you go on about.

those being:  lying, telling falsehoods, mendacity and fibbingWe’re not even going to mention the other sins of making shit up and overtly supporting the dark forces of evil (i.e. Marxism).

and Just Like That, their future career prospects shrank by 90%.

not the same:  worse.

And speaking of Depends:

what are they going to do:  imprison him?  If such a fate ever befalls me, expect a whole lot of shit like that, only much more malevolent than just mooning.  You heard it here first.

only 1.) what did you expect for 36 quid, and 2.) you need a slimmer body to carry it off, and 3.) what kind of fucking wedding dress is that in the first place?

And from the files of INSIGNIFICA:


and not a bad body for a 42-year-old Nigora:


And that’s all the “news” fit to report, embellish or invent (/New York Times ).


  1. I’m not surprised about the speed box at all. Some insurance company offered a discount if you allowed them to spy on your driving. No thank you.

    This current pope is filled with liberation theology and no place in a position of responsibility. Send that marxist to start scooping dog parks.

    More pictures please


  2. I checked on one of those insurance policies with the “nanny box” — Turns out they don’t have a compatible box that works for most of my cars. …. or at least that’s the excuse they used for rejecting the BMW and The Porsche.

    So the unintended consequence of that legislation would be to immediately drive up the price of used cars ( even further )

  3. The cynic in me says police departments will aggressively fight any technology that cuts into issuing citations.

  4. I don’t normally exceed the speed limit, but I would object to having a device installed in my car that prevents me from doing so. I want to have the option of speeding if an emergency requires it. It’s my decision, and my responsibility to take the consequences. I do not want or need a machine that takes that away from me.

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