SPF500 Needed

After I woke up over the weekend to the usual morning Dallas springtime temperature of about 75F, I read in the Brit newspapers that Britishland was “baking” in midday temperatures of 72F.  And sure enough, the Pale People were flocking to the beach:

Here are a couple of closeups — as it happens, of the same three girls:

And while I’m on the topic of Brits frolicking in the sun, here’s a pic I forgot to post from Aintree, last week:

How did Britain ever lose her Empire?


    1. You’re missing the point, those 3 blokes have gone out to have a good time and have a laugh in the process, they’re not dressed to impress girls, (though that wouldn’t come amiss), but to make people smile……

  1. do women actually find those suits on aged males attractive? Cant call them men or adults


  2. Didn’t America have something to do with Britain losing their Empire? (I’ll remind everyone that I’m not British but Irish).

    1. Nah…we had nothing to do with India, or any other colony for that matter.

      We just wanted representation, lower taxes and guns. We managed to get one.

  3. Actually, I am thinking somewhere on Saville Row there is a tailor that does not want to be associated with those 3 suits, ever.

    That or one of their Mums is very talented if having poor taste in materials. As to the 3 boys, well, standard issue footy yobs on holiday.

    Carry on.

  4. The guy on the right aspires to be a fighter pilot, and that ‘suit’ is his idea of a camo outfit for the job.
    He actually would be better suited to be a towed target or a drone target to challenge the target acquisition vision of the real fighter pilots.

  5. She lost her empire by killing her best men in war, leaving folks not quite up to par to run the country.
    There’s a reason people say that this was “brought to you by the place that used to be Great Britain”.
    And no, I’m not throwing rocks in my glass house – the United States: we’re in just as much trouble and for similar reasons.

  6. > as it happens, of the same three girls

    Because they’re the only three women on the entire beach who aren’t grossly obese or covered with tattoos, or both.

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