I must confess to liking the shape of the Ferrari Roma a great deal:

…if only for the fact that its bodywork doesn’t look like a biker chick with all her piercings removed, e.g. the new Lotus Emira:

..and even other Ferraris of recent vintage, like the 488:

In fact, the Roma reminds me of my true love, the discontinued (don’t get me started) Jaguar XK of the early 2010s:

…which I still think is one of the most beautiful tourers ever made, by anyone.

YMMV, and no doubt I’ll hear all about it in Comments.


  1. The Roma is exquisite – a fitting tribute to the genre:
    A fast comfortable GT with the engine leading the way.
    A new Lusso!

  2. It’s nice to see Ferrari returning to a front engined GT version. It a traditional market segment for them and a nice source of cash but they have gone too far with the proposed new SUV.

    They need to focus more on what made their reputation —- Being a race car team that made street cars.

    …. and I’m not going to bother commenting on the Ford Probe , you seem to like.

  3. None of them have the sleek lines of the ’64 E type Jaguar.
    Nor do they have the Jag’s electrical system or leaky oil seals, etc.

  4. Re the “new” Lotus Emira and the Ferrari 488 — When did they merge? That looks like the most blatant example of Badge Engineering since General Motors came out with the X-car.
    If they haven’t merged, then Ferrari has no basis for stepping on kit car manufacturers for copying sixty-year-old Ferraris.

  5. I love the looks of the Ferrari 488. What I don’t like is the service schedule. None of these could compete at the La Mans 24 hour race as they would need 2 full services before they could finish the race. Today’s Ferrari’s are too service intensive. A 20 year old Honda NSX or 10 year old 370ZX Nissan would be more fulfilling.

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