Crash Diet

Well, I suppose that’s one way of losing weight:

“For the first time, this generation is going to go into a store and not be able to get what they want.  And we have a very entitled generation that has never had to sacrifice.”

I don’t know how much credence to give this alarm — I can’t vouch for the source and quite frankly, I find it hard to believe anyone these days — but having just paid $106 to fill my Tiguan over the weekend, I’m still in shock so all the stuff on the article seems plausible.

Worse till, even if it’s halfway true, there’s going to be a whole bunch of pain going on, and the current Maladministration is going to make things worse and not better, before we can try to correct it in November.


  1. And I have every confidence that Delicto, Collins, and Murk will lead us to this bright, new, future!

    1. I think the three of them are trying to bring back that sweet old practice of caning Senators.

      1. I would be happy to volunteer my services as a 21st Century Preston Brooks, if I am permitted to select the Senators.
        The situation has gotten so bad that merely caning one Senator won’t repair anything.

          1. Or the political variation on “Rope, Tree, Journalist; some assembly required”.

  2. aside from this being a thinly disguised ” you need to buy “gold” from me at wildly inflated prices.” ad. The basic facts are mostly correct. There won’t be as much wheat planted in the fields of Ukraine this year because all the tank tracks have compacted the soil and the tractors and combines that have not yet been converted into Tacticals don’t have any fuel anyway. By midsummer, the current administration will be promising all our food to Europe at giveaway prices and wondering their approval rating are in the teens. Must be Trumps Fault.

  3. That the head of BlackRock is sneering at people being “entitled” makes me want to lock him in stocks in a public square and let all the people who can’t afford houses thanks to BlackRock using Fed dollars to buy entire neighborhoods wholesale use him as a toilet.

  4. Glenn Beck spent an entire segment on this today.
    The future will not be pleasant for those without innate skills.
    The Laptop Class may not thrive as they have.

  5. Two years ago during Commie Chinese virus over reaction we experimented with Soviet style store shelves (empty) and long lines. I thought we all agreed that this was ridiculous, unnecessary and should be actively avoided. Was that just a forerunner of more policies from the racist Democrat death cult?

    Since Creepy Joe took the helm, we have seen gas prices soar as he rolled back Trump’s oil self sufficiency policies. This has driven up not only the cost of fuel, but also everything else as it takes fuel to produce and deliver everything. The crisis in Ukraine certainly isn’t making anything better. again, that’s creepy Joe’s weak foreign policy enabling tyrants around the world. Imagine when China and Iran start feeling their oats later this year and stir up their trouble in the MidEast, Africa and the Pacific.

    Forget gold. stockpile brass, lead and copper.



    For some reason, I can’t get to the post editor / dashboard — haven’t been able to for two days, so I can’t post anything. TS II is working on it, so please excuse the paucity of rantish material, boobs, guns etc.

    WordPress Delenda Est.

    1. And our “betters” want us to have to deal with that price level too. Not that they’ve bothered to follow it to it’s logical conclusion which is that everything will cost more for everyone, even them.

  7. this is what the DC dickweeds and the Hollywood woketards dont understand. Food from the time it gets planted to the time you get it to your face, runs on the back of Diesel fuel. Almost all farm equipment uses it, as does the haulage.

    Its happened twice in my lifetime where the crop in the field would not cover the cost of harvesting it. So it was just left to rot. Sure people can come pick some but next season when farmer Brown decides not to plant, there isn’t food in existence, let alone it being expensive.

    1. It doesn’t help that they still want us to use way too much land to grow crops to turn into biofuel, which gives off less energy than was spent to create it.

  8. I have an Audi Q3 and it shares lots of parts with the Tiguan. When the fuel light comes on I can put 15.5 gallons in the Q3. I a little above that as I put 15.1 gallons in yesterday at a cost of $53 and change. The price of regular has dropped 63 cents a gallon in the past two weeks here in Atlanta.

  9. There is a huge variation with supply chain deliveries depending on where you are located. We here in the midwest (SW corner of Michigan) are seeing maybe 30% bare shelves and selection of product has nosedived. Many common items we use about the house simply don’t show up on the shelves and we have to find off bran alternates if they exist.

    What is beyond dispute is that our weekly basket of goods (very consistent) has gone from 120/week when the junta took over, steadily climbing to where it now averages 175/week. That is food and household only. Fuel (we drive much less seeing I retired trading 16,000 miles/yr down to about 6K and wife has very short commute) is averaging 120/month.

    Heating, sewer/water, electric have all gone up 30% compared to what it was Jan 20, 2021. Don’t know how bad it will get by Nov 2022 but it sure does not look to be improving. Hang in there folks, the ride is still gonna be bumpy, just hope not over a cliff.

  10. If the government here gets its way, it’ll be a literal death sentence for me as the entire country will be forced onto a radical vegan diet.
    Which diet is the single most unhealthy diet imaginable, consisting almost completely of grains, soy, root vegetables, and processed plant oils and carbohydrates.
    All stuff that triggers my many food allergies.

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