1. I suspect (I’m almost certain) that the difficulty we have with the phone system, the blog system, and the ammo shortage/high prices is something akin to the implant Harrison Bergeron had that interrupted his thoughts so he would just go on to something else rather than build up a coherent philosophy and plan to combat this enforced equality of perversions we seem to have nowadays.

    Is Combat a permitted word now? We say someone wants to combat the ant infestation, or the cicadas. Maybe in consideration of the tender feewings the Leftists have about criticisms of their plans for world domination we should just say, “refute”.

    As for a caption, “When she showed her husband the article in “Ladies Home Companion”, saying that Rosy cheeks were fashionable this year, she should have read the article to the end.

  2. “Pbbbbbbbbt”

    I decided to go high-brow on this one.
    Cause it looks artsy-fartsy.

  3. “I don’t know what you do to get Kim du Toit to post porn on his blog, but by God I will make you stop!”

    1. Porn older than 50 years qualifies as a curio & relic, and is thus exempt from 4473 filings. 😉

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