Train Smash Women: Aintree 2022

Annnd They’re Off!

Ah yes, it’s time for the Grand National at Aintree, Liverpool. And as always, the Scouser Train Smash Brigade was much in evidence:


Amazingly, some looked halfway decent:



…by Aintree standards, that is:

And then came Ladies’ Day, oh yes it did:

Observe this one:

…and realize that she came as part of a matched pair:

Body adornment there was a-plenty:

And I think that someone thought that just dressing as a woman qualified:

  …kinda hard to tell these days. though.

And then towards evening, the booze started flowing:

  …an aria from Carmen, no doubt.


There are more, so many more… but you’ll have to follow the links above to see the complete awfulness, if you have the stomach for it.  The ones I’ve loaded are the best.

Aintree never fails us, does it?


  1. Reminds me of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode The Return of the Archons in which the Enterprise arrives just before the beginning of the annual “festival” in which violence and sexual licentiousness is allowed for a 24-hour period.

  2. I will be in Liverpool on May 14.

    What must I do to avoid these women? Which parts of town should I avoid?

    1. Best to avoid all of it. It’s the only way to be sure.

      Good lord almighty – are there even shops that SELL these clothes?

      I can’t even.

  3. Fair warning, Kim. Just like Jerry told George about eating in bed, if you keep looking at this stuff you’re going to start associating such hideousness with sex, and you’ll ruin both. 🙁

  4. Every time you post these Aintree pics, I look at the rainments and think, “You know she looked at herself, in a mirror, and said “”Wow, I look good “””. The sad part is they seem to have no friends or family that speak up and tell them that they look like a derelict building with graffiti on it.

  5. What the heck? I say bless them all the short the fat and the tall who like to dress up and have a silly good time. I do understand the pics are kind of like a car wreck where you don’t want to look too close but you can avert your eyes if you wish and you won’t be any worse off today for seeing the young lassies then you were yesterday. Not exactly my cup of tea, then again neither were the cowgirls at a Saturday night dance hall in far South Dallas I went to a few years ago, lots of fine flesh packed into denim that was a few sizes too small but they were having fun too.

  6. I dunno, going down the page they definitely improve. Not a few are quite shagworthy, and as I age the starter motor needs higher and higher voltage. I got tired of teaching seventeen year olds some time ago and it’s time for someone else to put their hand up.

    (Certainly no plumper than Kim’s skelmpie Kelly Brooks)

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