Apparently the horrible European Union is not happy with Viktor Orban’s recent electoral victory in Hungary, and are bent on punishing the Hungarians for not voting the way the EU wanted them to.

According to a report by Euronews, the European Commission has triggered the so-called “conditionality mechanism” over what are alleged to be Hungarian breaches of EU law.

The move — which had only recently been ruled legal by a European court — opens up the eastern-European country to economic sanctions, allowing the EU to freeze funding sent to the eastern European country, which reportedly amounts currently to around five billion euros per anum.

While the exact reasons for the triggering of the mechanism were not given*, the commission has previously repeatedly targeted Hungary over alleged “corruption” regarding its judiciary, with many in Europe also taking issue with the Conservative cultural dominance in its national media.

(*of course not;  that transparency is just too inconvenient.  I bet the Brits are thanking their lucky stars every day for having quit the foul cabal.)

And the horror towards the “conservative cultural dominance in the media” is just priceless — how dare the Hungarian media not be in lockstep with the socialist-internationalism of the rest of the world’s media?

Go, Viktor, go!  Anything that pisses off the EU so much cannot be that bad.


  1. It seems like increasing numbers of large transnational anti-human organizations – Disney, the EU, The Federal Reserve – are making overt moves. Is this arrogance or desperation?

  2. According to my creaky latin, anum is old woman. Annum is yearly.

    Are the EU really sending €5Bn to each old woman in Hungary every year? No wonder they can’t pass the budget….

  3. Will the EU regard and declare the election in Hungary as “illegal” and force Hungary to hold it again – just as they did when ratification of the EU charter was rejected by various nations?

  4. The EU is an unelected needless bureaucracy. Every member country ceded parts of their sovereignty to these unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats and tyrants. Why would any country ceded their sovereignty to a group like this? that’s utterly absurd.


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