Worse Than That

At the ever-current Daily Mail, Sarah Vine asks the question:

Why are this season’s shoes hideously ugly and expensive?  If I didn’t know better, I’d say it’s like the designers are laughing at us. 

You don’t know better, and they are laughing at you.

I have long held the opinion that most fashion designers, being homosexualists, really hate and despise women.  So they design ugly clothing and shoes, and over-charge for these foul things in the certain knowledge that brainless wealthy women and celebrities will buy them just to have the over-hyped brand name on their bodies.

So much do I despise this whole business that I can safely say this:  if I arrived to pick up a date and she was wearing any — and I mean any — of the shoes pictured in the article, I’d ask her to go back and change into something prettier and more flattering;  because if I know anything at all, it’s that there is no woman alive whose feet and legs would be flattered by wearing these excrescences.

And Mrs. Vine knows this, as her final words reveal:

But really, the truth is it’s laziness, greed and a lack of imagination. These kinds of styles are cheap and easy to mass-produce.
They require zero skill or craftsmanship.
And they appeal to the only people who seem to matter to designers these days — that is to say celebrities, influencers and pop stars who don’t care what they wear, so long as it gets them noticed.

Quite right.  Here are some classics:




Nothing to be ashamed of, in any of them.


  1. My wife absolutely refuses to wear uncomfortable “Designer” shoes. Shas exactly 2 pairs of expensive name brand shoes left over from her days working on Wall Street in NYFC, but that was a very long time ago. Her clothing supplier of choice now is the same as mine. LLBean. and yet she always looks well dressed and fits right in with all the other women in her Garden Club group.
    ….. and she agrees that the Womens Fashion industry must think their customers are all idiots. and the fact that they continue to sell impractical, poorly made, ridiculously over-styled and over-priced junk to the fashion victims of the world seems to confirm it.

  2. Apropos of little, I don’t think I’ve encountered “excrescence” outside of P. G. Wodehouse.

  3. my wife refuses to buy expensive designer shoes. there was one pair of her shoes that I recall were expensive and she bought them on sale. Most designers push out over priced rubbish.

    At least for men’s wear we can get a suit that remains in style and shirts typically get replaced due to being worn out. One trend that drives me nuts is the shirt tail out trend. That might be fine for doing chores around the house but that look is quite sloppy. I suppose the writers of my high school dress code made an impression on me.


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