Great-Uncle Jimmy

Your great-uncle Jimmy was a lifelong lover of Smith & Wesson revolvers, but when he passed away, he left his entire collection to his sons.  However, in order to spread the goodness, he sent Collector’s Firearms a gift card in the amount of $2,000 in your name,  with the proviso that it could only be spent on a S&W revolver.

So feel free to peruse the lists  (old and modern) thereof, and tell me in Comments which one (or ones) you’d buy, and why.

Me, I’m partial to this old M&P, at $1,495:

The pre-war Target Models are wonderfully accurate, and while I’m not especially partial to the pearl grips, it would make a fine Governor’s BBQ gun.

A very close second would be this Model 624, at $1,395:

Not quite beautiful enough to be a BBQ gun, but damn close.  (And amazingly, .44 Special ammo is not as expensive as it used to be — or maybe it’s just that the other calibers have caught up with it.)


  1. I’d probably get a S&W Model 29. It was good enough for Dirty Harry, it oughta be good enough for me. Thanks Uncle Jimmy.

  2. Well, the since the Model 58 they have is a ‘Dummy’, I’ll either wait until they get a real 58, or get one of the pre-war K-22’s . The 58 would do well parked next to my 57 – I have an unhealthy fascination with the 41 Mag. The early K-22 is just flat out fun, and a level of craftsmanship that doesn’t exist in the modern Model 17 I have.

  3. I already have: 29 “Classic” (8 3/8in barrel), 44 mag. What a cannon and fun to shoot.
    28-2, 6in, “Highway Patrolman” in 357/38, somewhere between 50-60 yrs old. Stupid heavy, but it’s a tack driver. The SA trigger is the best trigger on a handgun I’ve ever had.
    65, 4in in 357/38: Former San Diego PD gun, a good gun (not great).
    49, 2in in 38: The “Bodyguard” probably 60-70 yrs old. Same gun that “Rico Tubbs” carried in Miami Vice. Decent little shooter.
    So, what’s left? I think I’d look for a M&P/Model 10 or something in .41 Mag…ooh, wait, the Model 22 in .45ACP. Totally ridiculous, but what the heck?

  4. Oh Uncle Jimmy you hit my sweet spot!!! S&W revolvers!!!

    I’d search for a model 29 Classic DX or silhouette model and gladly pay the difference.
    Model 29
    The 44 Hand Ejector 3rd model in 44 special is very tempting as well and it is in stock
    Another great addition to the stable would be a 22mag kit gun.

    If I could deviate from revolvers, a Model 41 would make its way home with me.


  5. Smith & Wesson British…
    Smith & Wesson British Military Mark II 2nd…

    It’s me being me. Military, and in original calibre. Yes, I’d have to kick in some money. Worth it.

  6. If they had one, and it made it under the $2,000 cap, I’d go for a Model 1917 .45 ACP, and spend any remainder on moon clips.
    Why? Because it would go nice with the Colt M1917 I already have. I like me some surplus guns.

    Failing that, the Victory model .38, for much the same reasons.

  7. Smith and Wesson Performance Center 986.

    Both the 2.5 inch and the 5 inch, throwing in some of my own cash to make up the difference.

    Watch Kim sputter…

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