Entitled — Not

Here’s one that’ll make you shake your head:

Ringo Starr’s granddaughter moans to court she earns £800 a month in a café… while Beatles star is worth £265million

Note the sense of entitlement;  he’s got it, lots of it, and she should get some because he’s her grandaddy.  (Note that she’s one of eight grandchildren, the other seven of which we hear not a word.)

Of course, Ringo worked his ass off to earn the money (and to keep it;  remember that the Beatles broke up in 1970, and many a fortune’s been lost in less time than fifty-odd years).

Unsurprisingly (and unlike Ringo), this little totty is pretty much a drag on society, to whit:

[Ringo’s son Zack Starkey] married Tatia’s mother Sarah Medikides when she was born in 1985 – the first of Starr’s eight grandchildren.  In 2016, [Tatia] herself had a child with Adam Low, making Starr a great-grandfather.

So, to recap:  single mother in her mid-30s, mediocre musician, waitress, already coining well over a grand a month from Grandpa Ringo, and whining about the Unfairness Of It All.

Too sad for words.

By the way, here’s Granddad at age 75, still performing.  And his buddies are from the following bands:  Santana, Toto, Billy Joel, Mr. Mister, ELO, and of course there’s Mr. Todd Rundgren.  Not bad company… and Our Tatia probably thinks she deserves a spot in the band, ahead of (ahem) Richard Page of Mr. Mister.

Okay, I couldn’t stand it.  Here’s Africa, played by those same buddies.


  1. Seems to me that Grandpa Ringo can see someone who would be able to waste a fortune very quickly.
    Don’t accept a cup of tea from this girl sir.

  2. Far too many people aren’t learning the difference between their money and someone else’s money. Instead we have had two generations be taught that they are entitled to someone else’s property. Look at the support that Commissar Sanders receives and the rhetoric that comes from Liar Watha Warren for someone else to pay for healthcare, education etc.

    This little twerp is no different. Forcing Ringo to give his property to his granddaughter is nothing short of theft. The twerp should go earn her own pay and if she sucks at something then she learn from that and go do something productive.


  3. I recall something that apparently Bill Cosby’s character said when he played a doctor and people cared what he said.
    “Daddy, are we rich?”
    “Let me put it to you as bluntly as I can; Your mother and I are pretty well-off. You, however, have nothing.”

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