1. I had hoped that due to the aforementioned “childlessness and tangled family trees”, the current (or perhaps the next) Duke of Argyll would have been my favorite South African.
    It looks like there would be room for a nice rifle range.

    1. Well, the Duke is entitled to his own private army, so a range would not be out of the question, I suppose.

  2. That is a lovely photo. Thanks, Kim. Brings back very happy memories of stays at the George Hotel, en route to stalking in the Hebrides. The George is barely visible at the corner of the main street, about between the parish church (the one without a steeple) and the old gaol, both are large buildings towards top left of the picture. It’s a fantastic pub and eatery – the porridge and haggis breakfasts are sublime! It is a favourite weekend-trip venue for the beautiful folk of nearby Glasgow, especially because of the live music.

      1. Never tried haggis, but I’m game should the opportunity present itself. I’m pretty adventurous on that score, the only time I’ve turned up my nose was at a Portuguese luau, where one of the offerings was a stew of goat entrails with the animal’s bile as one of the principal flavorings. Porta potties smell like Chanel #5 by comparison.

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