1. Not gonna vote our way out of this unless we hold the Republicowards accountable, once their spinless grab their ankles sodomize us again please flabby asses are shoveled back into the DC sewer.

    1. we have Democrats that actively work to destroy a secure and prosperous American and far too many Republicans who sit idly by watching it happen. we have a few Republicans who actively help the Democrats with their destruction, looking at you Murkowski, Snow, Graham, Romney etc.

      Every democrat must be voted out and if the replacement turns out to be a RINO then they need to be fired as well.


  2. Story over the weekend ( possibly Fake because no one could be this stupid ) that the BUYDEM administration was considering sending out prepaid Gas cards as a “solution” to high gas prices.

    ……. but it does sound like a typical ” throw more money at the problem ” solution.

    1. we were energy independent under Trump so we need to bring his policies back. The best thing we could do would be to flip both houses of Congress to become Republicans then pass responsible legislation. If Creepy Joe refuses to sign the legislation into law then the GOP has to get their public relations machine (long absent) out to the American people to explain their plans and why their legislation would help American strength and prosperity.


    2. Money? More Funny money. More Fiat Money. More counterfeit money.
      All these imbeciles out there, and I include my brothers the Leftists, and their Stalinist wives in that group, think that more money is like more votes.
      Real people, sane people, don’t want to be paid “More” any more than they want simply “More voters”
      They want more legitimate money, that is, more buying power. They should want that, and more legitimate votes. But I rail at the wind.
      At least I have my sight and don’t need to be led around by the former fool of my court to begin to see things clearly.

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